Celcom GBshare

Celcom GBshare – share up to 70GB of Celcom FIRST data

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Celcom introduces a new feature to its flagship postpaid – Celcom FIRST. Called GBshare, you can now share your internet data via the new MyCelcom Postpaid app.

Celcom FIRST Gold Plus GBshare

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GBShare is available with Celcom FIRST Gold Plus, the MYR98/month plan that gives you 40GB of data. You can add up to two GBshare Lines for up to 44GB of shared data.

Celcom FIRST Platinum GBshare

For the Celcom FIRST Platinum plan, the MYR150/month plan with 60GB of data, you can register up to two GBshare Lines or up to a maximum of five GBshare Lines. With five GBshare Lines, you’ll have a whopping 70GB of data to share with five lines.

Each GBshare Line costs MYR48, and comes with an additional 2GB of data. GBshare Lines also include unlimited calls and unlimited social chat (WhatsApp and WeChat).

Thankfully, there’s no weekend data nonsense (thanks for #nokelentong, Celcom) so the GBshare data can be used at any time, on any day.

Easily manage your data via the new MyCelcom Postpaid app, available for iOS and Android.

The new GBshare is the answer to Maxis’ Datapool that’s available for its MaxisONE postpaid customers. While Celcom has two shareable postpaid plans, Maxis has four (MOP 98, MOP 128, MOP 158 and MOP 188).

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The direct competitors would be the Maxis MOP 98 and MOP 158 plans.

Maxis MOP 98 gives users a total of 20GB of data (10GB all-day + 10GB weekend) with up to one MaxisONE Share Line at MYR48/month per line. A MaxisONE Share Line comes with 5GB all-day data, and 5GB 4G weekend data with unlimited calls and SMS to all networks.

Maxis MOP 158 on the other hand, will give you 40GB of data (20GB all-day + 20GB weekend) with the option of adding up to three shared lines.

Based on data quota alone, Celcom seems to have a winner here with its GBshare feature.

What do you think?

Need more information? Visit www.celcom.com.my.

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  • Shu Qin

    This GBshare plan sounds interesting. When is this promotion end? Plan to get one for myself as i can share my data to my parents when we are at outside

    • Amanda

      Is it really worth it? This internet data plan can be considered expensive if compared to other internet service provider.

      • Mi Po

        is a bit pricey compare to other telco but i think so far it is worth to change to this plan as we can share our data wherever and whenever we are. we can share even share data from west malaysia to east malaysia too, just by their postpaid app

    • Helen Yee

      Will Celcom GBshare internet plan’s users experience slower internet speed if sharing internet quota with family members or friends? I am Celcom user and I have experienced slower internet speeds while sharing internet quota with my friends for Celcom postpaid internet plan.

      • Shu Qin

        hmm, i don’t think it will affect your internet speed, as you are like sharing your internet through an app, like you giving your data to another person through an app, it will not affect your speed at all. this doesn’t works like a hot spot.

  • Dvin

    I really don’t like split quota to weekend and weekday…luckily celcom don’t have for this plan

    • Vernon Chan

      FYI, Celcom introduced the #BurungHantu concept (weekend data).

  • mas meriyah

    this plan have any limitation?? or can simply allocate on how many quota that we want to other line?

    • kabo

      i think must be limit. coz other tlco have many limitation when u sign up their plan..other tlco also have offer like this plan..

    • Gelsis Steve

      The website written no limit on sharing.
      Yeah u can allocate freely through the postpaid apps.

  • Fazarina

    this is like hotspot or what?if the data not enough can add on or not?i always hotpost with my husband,quite dry the data laa.

    • benjoo

      seems quite same laa.this plan focus on supp line ..maybe u can try this plan ..the data given quite good..i think this plan btter than wifi also.

      • Hakim

        use wifi also can lor. most of tlco always have prob with the cvrage..no point to share.

      • Gelsis Steve

        Wifi much stable, but if your area do not have unifi. I suggest go for this plan is better.
        Also, wifi is not portable. Some how, we still need a data plan.

        • Dvin

          ya! like my area just only support streamyx..
          will tell my dad about this and may consider this plan

    • Gelsis Steve

      It’s consider as the supplementary plan…
      Since the quota only able to share within the supplementary lines.
      So yeah, u need few members in order to use this privilege.

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