Carlsbery Where's the Party?
Carlsbery Where's the Party?

All dressed up and no where to go? Absolutely impossible. The talk of the town is Carlsberg’s “Where’s The Party” 2013 – the most epic, most-anticipated party of the year. “Where’s The Party?” has been giving partygoers the biggest, hippest parties since 2010, and  this year’s Where’s The Party? is taking place on 6 July at a super secret location.

To give a little taste of what’s “Where’s The Party?”, Carlsberg had partygoers, music lovers and Carlsberg fans rock it out at a special  Mini Where’s The Party? at Club Neverland and Movida recently. There will be -7 more teaser parties lined up working towards the mother of all parties on 6 July!

But hang on, listen up. Carlsberg is giving away passes to ‘Where’s The Party?’ 2013, and here’s how you can score some for you and your friends:

  1. Purchase RM100 worth of Carlsberg beer, : You just need to purchase RM100 worth of Carlsberg, then head on over to Carlsberg’s Party Pass Giveaway Facebook Tab, create and use the cover photo, and finally be spotted by Carlsberg!!!
  2. Participate in the “Are You Bold Enough?” contest on Carlsberg Malaysia’s Facebook page, : Simply go to the Are You Bold Enough tab on Facebook, give us your boldest answer to the scenarios and you could win yourself 1 pass set that admits 4.
  3. Snap a cool photo with Instagram and insert the right hashtags and just wait to be spotted. Remember to use the hashtags #carlsbergMY#areyouboldenough #wherestheparty. Remember to tag @carlsbergMY in your photo too!
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You can even win passes to “Where’s The Party?’ by proving your boldness to us in person! Bet you didn’t know that right?!? All you have to do is catch the Roving teams in action, or be at the Mini Where’s The Parties as mentioned above. C’mon guys, the Carlsberg crew is itching to reward those who are bold enough! All you have to do is complete some exciting challenges in the fastest time. It’s that simple! Quickly visit for more details!

As you know, this is a super exclusive party (at a secret location too!) so there’s a limited number of passes. There’s no time to waste – buy your favourite Carlsberg beer, enter the contest, snap and tag your party photo on Instagram. Easy as pie!

Be part of the hippest, craziest party of the year with “Where’s The Party” 2013.  The question is… Are you Bold Enough to be there?

Hope to see you then!!


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