YES 4G Wins “Best New Service” Award at Broadband World Forum 2011, Paris (UPDATED)

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YTL Communications overcame the global competition in the broadband space to take the “Best New Service” award in the prestigious Broadband World Forum 2011 in Paris, France. YTL Comms won the hearts of an elite panel of judges comprising senior industry executives and experts including Dr. Zhao Huiling (Vice-President of Beijing Research Institute at China Telecom), Dr. Yoon-Young Park (Senior Vice President, Head of Technology Development Office at Korea Telecom), Daniel Brower (EVP Convergence Technology at Deutsche Telekom Group) and Amaru Chavez (Group Chief Technology Officer at Etisalat).

The award comes nearly a year into the launch of its Yes 4G broadband service which brings together mobile broadband, mobile telephony (voice and SMS) and cloud-based services. The network is estimated to be 3-5 times faster than previous generation 3G networks, and enables users to access the network through a ‘Yes ID’ rather than a sim card.

Yes 4G Wins Prestigious 'Best New Service' Award
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World’s best 4G service: YTL Communications received “Best New Service” at the Broadband InfoVision Awards 2011 gala dinner awards ceremony that was held at the Bateau Diamant on the river Seine in Paris recently. Receiving the award on behalf of YTL Communications is Executive Director and Deputy CEO, Jacob Yeoh (right) pictured here with Gavin Whitechurch, Director of Broadband World Forum 2011.

Multiple devices are able to log on to the network using the same Yes ID, which has a mobile number associated with it, thus enabling calls and text messages to be routed concurrently to all devices signed in using the same ID.

Yes 4G currently offers four devices for use on its network – the pocket sized ‘Go’ dongle, ‘Huddle’ Wi-fi hotspot, ‘Buzz’ 4G cloud phone, and ‘Zoom’ 4G gateway – which covers at least 65% of the Malaysian population.

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Congratulations, YES 4G and kudos for bringing positive change to Malaysia!

Source: YTL Comms


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  • Izzuddin Al-Qassam

    i have try using YES 4G , and I get quite fast speed approx 8-10Mbps.
    but, the cons part is the price is quite expensive, even using Valuepack.
    hope YTL can do something~

    • Vernon Chan

      If you’re a heavy downloader, yes it can get expensive. I guess it’s a trade-off with sheer speed and consistency. Expect more value from them in the future as the subscriber base grows 🙂

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