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Audiophiles rejoice. Everyone’s favourite high-quality audio streaming service TIDAL, has just added support for Apple CarPlay. It’s a welcome move for people who want even better quality audio, and an alternative to existing streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora and Apple Music.

CarPlay is Apple’s dedicated automotive platform for iPhone users that gives them access to apps via a supported vehicle’s touchscreen display. It removes the hassle (and safety hazard) of mounting the phone and interacting with the phone on the move.

It allows you to get directions, make calls, send and receive texts, and of course listen to music on-the-go.

CarPlay also supports Siri voice control, and she can also be invoked via your car’s controls—knobs, buttons, touchpad, or touchscreen.

The platform supports a plethora of favourite audio, messaging and voice apps. This includes TIDAL, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, Audible, AudioBooks, and more.

Every major automaker supports CarPlay. From Alfa Romeo to Volvo, there are over 200 vehicles that have CarPlay built-in.

Get a full list of apps and supported cars from Apple’s CarPlay page.

So, back to TIDAL. The service offers high-fidelity, CD quality sound and high resolution video. It also offers a way to discover new artists via TIDAL discovery, and unique experiences via Tidal X.

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It’s available in more than 46 countries, with a massive 40 million song catalog, with nearly 90,000 high quality videos.

A monthly subscription is USD9.99 for the Premium tier, while the HiFi tier costs USD19.99 per month.

TIDAL is supported on desktop Mac and PC devices, iOS and Android, plus a wide range of high-fidelity network players.

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