But, but, but…what about RISC? Altivec?



In a shocking announcement, Apple has announced plans to use Intel microprocessors across its product line this time next year. Apple previewed a version of Mac OS X Tiger running on an Intel-based Mac at the Worldwide Developer Conference today.

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Is this the end of the PowerPC? It’s been 10 years, which has seen the likes of the 66Mhz PowerPC 601-based processor grow into the 2.7Ghz G5 supercomputer chip it is now. On a not-so-positive note, however, IBM has been struggling to churn out faster speeds in any significant numbers. The promise of 3Ghz last summer was not fulfilled, much to the dismay of the Mac market.

It will be interesting to see how this will affect Apple in the industry. No doubt having the world’s largest chipmaker as your supplier should ensure a consistent and reliable supply of chips.

What would this mean? A rewrite of Apple’s crown jewels to efficiently run x86 code natively? To license out the Mac OS to 3rd party, as in the Dark Days of Apple circa ’93-’97? Would this also mean we can upgrade processors and components, as would our Wintel counterparts? Even cheaper Macs? Big question is – will this backfire?

Apple did not announce the demise of the PowerPC, nor any plans to sever ties with IBM as a chip supplier, in fact actually made available the Developer Transition Kit consisting of an Intel-based Mac development system which will allow developers to prepare versions of their applications which can run on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

I can just picture an Apple commercial now. Ending with the famous Intel jingle. Think Different. Intel Inside.


This is scary, almost blasphemous!

Thanks for the post, Bryan

Full reading here:
Apple to Use Intel Microprocessors Beginning in 2006

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5 replies on “But, but, but…what about RISC? Altivec?”

Steve Jobs is now one move away from beating MSgates on his own chip platform =D

3 years from now, people will say this is the most strategic move ever.–>

Really,… my MAC always gave me less hassles. Maybe I was not very acurate when I said MAC’s don’t hang. Well, they do but thats after a long time running and if an install was badly done.

That said, like for like, I hate Windows due to many reason but more so how frequently unstable it is. Plus I have always ended up doing more HD reformats and usually the damn manuals from DOS to win to 3rd party manuals all have to come out.

Partition this, partition that but have to do this first, or that or this is not compatible…. and so on. Frankly I just don’t have the time to do all that. Rather sit in my car and enjoy driving.

Ok, there are Mac users and those that love Win. But if like me you use both, then you will see one tends to be better or shall I say, more stable then the other. Leave you all to decide which is it.



I don’t see what’s wrong with this … it’s about time Apple move to Intel-based …. if you win em … join em …. At least now they could actually expand their market instead of selling their products to a closed target market ….

It’s a shame they want to keep everything so proprietry … and Windows software or Mac software both hangs the machine … it’s how you install and use the software. If you misterat the Mac … it will hang as well.

Damn shame to use Intel. Does this mean the new MAC will suffer the same problems as WINDOW based PC’s… ie always running out of memory. My Bill Gates software always hangs and I have no idea why. There is a report it tries to send to MS but its just full of mambo jumbo garbage that I can’t make out head or tail.

Loved my PowerPC Mac’s. I could have the computer running for days and never suffered the problems I have to live with on Intel-Windows crap!

I better end now before Explorer ‘hangs’ and I need to do the imfamous, CRTL+ALT+DEL.


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