Bellabeat Tracker

Bellabeat Tracking System for expecting mothers now shipping worldwide

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Bellabeat Tracker

Expecting a baby is a major milestone in a mother’s life. What if there was a handy app to help expecting mothers to connect to their unborn child in-home and a social of network supporters? Bellabeat Tracking System, lets you do just that and is now available for purchase at just US$129.

Bellabeat Tracker

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The Bellabeat Tracking System is a pocket-sized digital tracker that connects to a smartphone and is combined with an app. The system lets expecting parents listen to their unborn babies’ heartbeat.

The accompanying app is available on both iPhone and Android and features innovative sound visualisations, fetal movement counter and vibrant illustrations of fetal development. It also tracks and plans pregnancy weight gain. Additionally, the app allows users to interact with a global community of expecting parents and their support systems.

The system helps expecting mothers cope with the challenges of pregnancy, offering  crucial prenatal emotional support and a holistic, modern way to prenatal care.

With over 130 million pregnancies a year, globally the Bellabeat System gives expecting parents a way to autonomously tack and share every heartbeat, every move and every milestone in an engaging, comforting and enjoyable at-home experience.

The Bellabeat Tracking System was co-founded by Urška Sršen and Sandro Mur with development assistance by Dr. Tanja Premru-Sršen MD, PhD – a renowned specialist of obstetrics and gynecology who specialises in maternal-feral medicine.

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The Bellabeat System is available online at for $129.

Download the app here:

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