Apple Stores damaged, looted amid George Floyd protests

Apple Stores looting
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What does looting have to do with seeking justice for the death of George Floyd? Absolutely nothing, supposedly, but that has not stopped opportunists during protests from looting stores and damaging property, including Apple Stores across the United States.

Protests have sprung up across the country, seeking justice for the death of George Floyd, who died in the hands of the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Unarmed Floyd died after a police officer used his knee on Floyd’s neck to pin him down during an arrest. His death has sparked outrage from citizens as well as people from around the world.

While there have been peaceful marches to show support and solidarity, flashes of violence have arisen. Anarchists are inciting violence and damaging property; opportunists are looting stores. Federal law enforcement officials tell CNN they are aware of organised groups who are seeking to carry out the property destruction and violence, using the cover of the legitimate protests in Minneapolis and elsewhere. 

An Apple Store in Portland, Oregon was reportedly severely damaged as its 10m tall windows were smashed on all sides. AppleInsider reports that the store had just opened two days prior and now requires extensive repairs before it can reopen for business.

The Apple Store in Scottsdale, Arizona was damaged and looted, alongside other businesses and restaurants in the area.

Elsewhere, in Washington, D.C., the Apple Store outlet doors were forced open before looters ravaged the store.

Many others were damaged and/or looted including Apple Stores in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New York City.

Apple has started boarding up its stores in anticipation of potential looting. Their stores’ signature all-glass storefronts are particularly vulnerable to vandals.

Let it be known that Apple has built-in security in its devices such as the iPhone. Stolen iPhones do not work outside the proximity of the store. They are disabled and their whereabouts are tracked. You can see it in action in this tweet below:

More details and pics/videos on AppleInsider.

Header image: AFP via Getty Images

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