Apple Sends Out Invite to Chinese Media for September 11 Event

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Hot on the heels of the official media invite in the US, Apple has sent out a separate media invite for Chinese publications and journalists. The Apple event will take place on September 11 at 10 AM CST at Beijing’s World Trade Center. This marks the first time Apple has held a standalone event exclusively for Chinese media.

China is a huge growth market for Apple and mobile phone makers in general, with over 740 million potential customers to acquire.

After a setback in its China business last year, Apple is looking to pour more direct focus to Chinese consumers. A separate, special event would show its seriousness in addressing the needs of the market.

The iPhone 5C, Apple’s first budget-friendly, mid-range smartphone, may be Apple’s secret weapon in growing marketshare and presence in the price-sensitive Chinese market.

Will the iPhone 5S and 5C have the same availability in China as in the US? We’ll wait and see.

Source: TechCrunch

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