Apple Confirms September 10 Event, To Reveal iPhone 5S, 5C

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It’s going to be a hell of a crazy week for tech, but first thing’s first. Apple has sent out official media event invites for September 10 Apple event at the Apple Campus.. Mark your calendars folks, because this is where the much-anticipated, and much-rumoured new iPhones will be revealed. This should certainly brighten everyone’s day.

It is widely expected that Apple will announced the new flagship iPhone 5S as well as a mid-range model, iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5S is rumoured to feature an upgraded dual-core A7 processor, a new dual-flash camera module with f2/.0 aperture. While a longshot, the iPhone 5S could feature a fingerprint sensor and a 64-bit version of iOS 7. From the looks of the widely circulated leaked photos, the iPhone 5S will come in three colours – white, black and gold.

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Meanwhile, the iPhone 5C is the budget iPhone for everyone, and colourful as well. Since its epic launch in 2007, the iPhone has always been a premium product, and this marks the first time Apple will be addressing the mid-range and entry-level market with a specific product. Traditionally, Apple would offer a previous generation iPhone for cheap (usually $99 with contract). The iPhone 5C will come in a variety of colours, and will feature polycarbonate exterior housing.

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Apple is also expected to roll out iOS 7 officially. It is rumoured that both new iPhones will be available on September 20 in the US and Tier 1 countries, and a gradual rollout in other countries sortly after.

Will there be new iPads? Could there be a “one more thing”? Stay tuned.

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