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Let Celcom deliver the iPhone X to you at midnight on 24 November

We’re so close. The iPhone X will debut in Malaysian retail channels starting 24 November 2017. As usual, Apple is making its latest device available for pre-order a week before its release, on 17 November. Having witness the crazy queues in other countries (Singapore for instance), it may be wise to pre-order to secure the device. Celcom (like Maxis in yesteryears) is offering midnight deliveries for its pre-order customers so they’ll be the first to get the device on launch day.

Note that the blue telco will be offering midnight deliveries in selected areas, and this will be done between 12AM and 3AM on 24 November.

Based on its past mobile plans with iPhones, Celcom is likely to offer the iPhone X across its FIRST Gold Plus (MYR98) plans up to FIRST Platinum Plus (MYR188 per month) plans.

Sample iPhone 8 Plus Celcom plans
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Sample iPhone 8 Plus Celcom plans

So far, Celcom has not extended its EasyPhone all-in-one device ownership program to iPhones, but the iPhone X might be a good place to start. Seeing Maxis has terminated its Zerolution program for the iPhone, Celcom might have added advantage for potential iPhone X owners.

EasyPhone, like Zerolution, bundles a device with a monthly Celcom FIRST Plan, with an option to add-on device protection for peace-of-mind.

The iPhone X comes in two choices of colour: Space Grey and Silver. The 64GB storage version retails from MYR5,149 while the 256GB option goes for MYR5,899.

The device is Apple’s most advanced and most radically designed yet. It boasts the most powerful mobile processor – the Apple A11 Bionic; the cutting-edge TrueDepth camera, wireless charging and iOS 11. For the first time ever, Apple has adopted an OLED display on the iPhone, which DisplayMate rates the best display on any smartphone yet.

The pre-order your iPhone X with Celcom, head over to the iPhone pre-order page.

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