Celcom brings EasyPhone device instalment plan to Xpax

Celcom EasyPhone Xpax prepaid
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After introducing its device instalment plan to its postpaid customers in May 2017, Celcom today makes available EasyPhone to its Xpax prepaid subscribers. EasyPhone gives customers a chance to own a wide selection of today’s best smartphones, through a convenient 24-month instalment plan, from as low as MYR74 per month.

EasyPhone in a nutshell, is Celcom’s answer to Maxis’ Zerolution, the all-in-one device ownership plan where you pay both device and telco plan in single monthly payments.

Celcom has partnered with AEON Credit Service Berhad, pioneering this ownership plan for its prepaid customers. What’s unique is that you do not need a credit card or any upfront payment to sign up.

You may argue that telcos like U Mobile also has device instalment programs for prepaid users, but here’s the thing.

When you sign up, you’ll also get monthly MYR30 airtime that’s included as part of your total monthly instalment, for a duration of 24 months. This is unique to the industry and has not been done before.

The plan offers a choice of over 30 trending models from well-known makes including Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, as well as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 series.

Celcom EasyPhone Xpax prepaid
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Celcom EasyPhone Xpax prepaid
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One thing to note that the original EasyPhone for postpaid offers Device Protection, in partnership with AmTrust Mobile Solutions from MAA Takaful. However, it is currently not available as an option for prepaid users.

With Device Protection, you get peace of mind with your device, for a minimal monthly fee.

What’s covered? Robbery and snatch theft; house break-ins, accidental and liquid damage; airtime abuse; and mobile device renting in case of loss when roaming.

Celcom says that it’s working to bring device protection to prepaid customers as well. No time frame has been given.

To register for EasyPhone, apply through a simple digital application, or walk into the nearest Blue Cube outlet. Naturally, you will need to provide supporting documentation including information of your employment status. Processing takes up to 3 working days. Existing AEON customers get much quicker approval.

The Xpax starter pack costs MYR10, and comes with free 10GB of basic internet, free 10GB of Facebook internet, MYR6 of airtime credit, 200MB of hi-speed internet, with 7 days validity upon activation. Xpax also offers “unlimited entertainment” through Video Walla and Music Walla, which gives you additional data for streaming services, from as low as MYR1 per day.

Sign up today at www.xpax.com.my. #NoKelentong

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  • Tahal khan

    New plan release for Xpax user again haha, its better because of the wide range device to be selected.
    hmm….shouldn’t i get one?

    • Selina Lim

      I would highly recommend you to get if you are able to afford it, Xpax which is under Celcom is also known for its stable connection throughout Malaysia so you don’t have to worry weak or no signal at all in certain areas.

    • Jason Chen

      Not worth to get it in my opinion, yes there are almost every new phones for you to choose from but the 2 years installment can be quite a huge burden. By the time you want to change a new phone you might not even finish paying for the phone yet..

    • Tyon

      but I feel like better get celcom easyphone, not with prepaid.. for prepaid the internet quota not much

  • ShawnTee

    No need credit card?? No upfront payment?? Make my life much easy.. i dont mind paying extra.. just dont have that 1st jump to make the payment.

    • Elton Shuwe

      Its almost few hundred extra.. But i mean if you are capable of doing it. Why not go for it. You plan to get a new phone already?

    • Tahal khan

      not really, you miss up something that RM30 credits is free for every month when you staying active for you account, and there are many more benefits giving out…

    • BrainylOoKmAN

      that’s sounds good , i feel like its really worth it for those who are wanated to get new device plus is a prepaid user like me ….finally there is a good plan for us to take a new device 🙂 , bt cn i knw is there need any upfront payment and minimum requirement to get this easyphone pack ??

    • xLeeSinx

      No there is no upfront payment, minimum requirement i think its best for you to check their website. Try to get one than feedback that should help alot. Go for it.

    • Trevor

      Even though there’s no need for upfront payment but it’s quite expensive though when you add up the payments every month.

    • TheOneJack

      Agree, better make the full payment and get the phone that you want directly from shops. The 2 years installment add up is like 1.5x more than the price of the phone already…

    • ShawnTee

      If the person is prepaid user i dont think the person can afford a full payment for the iphone 7. Monthly payment at least it give you an opportunity to obtaining a phone.

    • ShawnTee

      Well you have to give and take i guess.. You cant expect to gain everything. Some people just does not have that kind of amount to pay for the upfront.

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