Android Malware That Steals Your Contacts

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With the Android Device market share  increasing and the demand rising not far behind Apple, it wouldn’t be new to hear about some malware on these devices.

Recently, NQ Mobile Security Research Center posted that a new malware called FireLeaker has popped up. This malware steals your contacts and other information from your android devices without you realizing it. The FireLeaker works as a widget disguised in the smartphone to collect the information needed and upload it to a remote server. This works as a tool for people who want your prized and secured contacts information saved in your smartphones such as phone numbers, addresses and worse, maybe their login IDs or passwords to access personal accounts or bank accounts.

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There is however, steps to prevent the android users from becoming a victim to this malware (or others). Here are a few steps:

  • Only download applications from trusted sources, reputable application stores, and markets. Be sure to check reviews, ratings, and developer information before you download anything. (Make sure you know what or who is downloading applications from where and how.)
  • Never accept application requests from unknown sources, and closely monitor permissions requested by any application. An application shouldn’t request permission to do more than what it says it will do in its privacy policy. (This usually works like spam or web ads that goes like “Click this and win Iphone 5” or “To continue using the app, please click on ”CONTINUE” to use it”)
  • Look out for unusual behavior on your smartphone, such as your device shutting down unexpectedly or displaying constant pop-up messages. (Do not take this for granted as this could seriously damage your Android device in the long run)
You could also download their Android Application called NQ Mobile Security for Android , just to check whether you have the malware is on your android device or to prevent FireLeaker from infecting it. You can read more about the malware here – NQ Mobile Security Research Center


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