An Ode to CHIQ


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This is a tribute to Chiq who passed away today. For those who knew her closely knew she battled depression and for those who knew her as friends (like me) were blind and clueless to the fact that she, the bubbly person that she was, was indeed fighting to find a reason to not leave this dreaded planet.

This is to you, CHIQ. You will be missed.


Links to whom share friendship and love for CHiQ:

In memoriam – CHiQ aka Valerie Tay – 1981-2007

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  • <![CDATA[divinition]]>

    sorry for the loss. =(

  • <![CDATA[qwertyjuan]]>

    u going for the wake?

  • Anonymous

    I went together with the rest last night. There’s another session tonight.

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