A 1986 Mac Plus Vs 2007 AMD Dual Core: Guess who wins?

Mac Plus

It’s a most unlikely duel. Impossible even. A state-of-the-art (er..way back then) 8Mhz Motorola 68000 processor pitting against a monster AMD 64 x2 4800+ with two cores, each running at 2.4GHz. That’s about a 600 times processing power difference! 4MB RAM (maxed!) against 1GB. SCSI 40MB hard drive versus a 120GB IDE. Mac OS 6.0.8 versus Windows XP.

Pretty obvious which is faster right? Think again. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past 20 years, but as Hubpages discovered through a series of real world tests, the ‘user experience’ has NOT changed. And there has been absolutely NO advancement in productivity. An interesting read indeed!

Mac Plus vs AMD 64 Athlon X2

Image courtesy of Hubpages

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