“Hello. Mother misses you.” Billboard creates buzz. But what is it?

If you’ve driven along Federal Highway towards Petaling Jaya, you may have caught a glimpse of this un-branded billboard. I stumbled upon this billboard a couple of days ago, and only today managed to take a quick snap on my phone camera while driving today. Arresting would be a word to describe it.

The billboard is minimalist, with usage of space a designer (like me) would appreciate. A kid lies on a lush green carpet, carpet of green, holding a smartphone. Is he/she taking a selfie? Or a picture of the clear blue sky? Or could it be he’s/she’s video chatting?

Where’s Father, then?

The only text on the billboard is the line, “Hello. Mother misses you.” Cryptic, but no less arresting as a message.

So, it’s gotten me thinking. Is this a Public Service Announcement? The timing of it is suspect, it being smack in the middle of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Is it a reminder for us to call home? Is it a call to children to come home for festivities to see parents and family?

No branding. No logo. No other text. Not even a fancy URL, as do most teaser ‘ads’ have. Only I’m not too sure if this is an ad per se. If it was, it could be quite a clever, bigger campaign. Visual cues and tone-manner suggests a telco, but what if it was not?

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Only questions so far. No answers. What do you think? How did the billboard make you feel? Leave your comments below.

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  • Jojo

    Property.. who would’ve thought… Pantai Sentral Park

    • Vernon Chan

      I know right? IJM is the developer. I found out by doing a domain search, and it led to the website, and also news links from last year.

      Looks good, but then, ultimately still man-made? What do you think?

  • Ashwin Jeyapalasingam

    billboard has been updated in the last few weeks or so. now has an URL at the bottom., which bafflingly is a website for Pantai Sentral Park development .

  • Angelina

    Most probably Samsung. They will be announcing new gadgets soon.

    • Vernon Chan

      Apparently it isn’t a telco. And it isn’t a mobile company. It’s gonna be surprising. I’m still awaiting the big reveal!

  • Nightowl223

    Lush green carpet? Looks like grass to me, not a carpet. O.o

    As for what it means, my thoughts, with the butterfly in the foreground and the un-manicured grass, are that possibly it means Mother Earth. Perhaps by a nearby zoo, park, arboretum, etc., is behind it. If so, I like it. *huge grin*

    • Vernon Chan

      I’ve reworded it. ROFL. Thanks for pointing it out.

      I really hope it’s for something that’s Mother Nature-related. Apparently it isn’t a telco, so that takes that out of the equation. We’ll see won’t we?

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