If you’re BIG, you can WhatsApp in the sky for free


For some of us, keeping in touch, even if we’re flying above 10,000 feet in the air, is crucial. If you’re an AirAsia BIG member, you’re in luck. AirAsia is giving you free Wi-Fi on all of its ROKKI-enabled flights.

ROKKI as you may know is a Wi-Fi service available on selected AirAsia flights. Being a low cost carrier doesn’t mean it’s completely barebones where entertainment is concerned. With ROKKI Wi-Fi, you’d be able to enjoy movies, music, shopping catalogues, magazines and more, via your mobile browser for free.

But wait, it isn’t all about entertainment. You can also stay in touch with your loved ones throughout your flight.

ROKKI Wi-Fi has a couple of connectivity plans available: Chats Plan and the Internet Plan. The Chats Plan gives you 3MB of data dedicated to WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk and Viber. This costs MYR9 MYR8.

On the other hand, the Internet Plan gives you 10MB of data for lightweight internet usage, best suited for apps or online games. Note that this excludes YouTube streaming or any form of downloads. This will set you back MYR18 MYR17.


2MB is sufficient for your basic chat needs, but if you do require more, you can purchase additional 3MB of data for MYR8, or 10MB of data for MYR17.

If that’s still not enough, go crazy with 50MB but that will set you back MYR68.


What happens when you reach your data quota?

That’s a great question. If you’re on the Chats Plan, you’ll still be connected but at a throttled speed of 10Kbps. Sufficient for basic chats but if you’re planning to send over your selfies, then no, sorry.

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With the Internet Plan though, you’ll be disconnected once you’ve hit your data quota.

To resume normal speeds or resume your connection, you’ll need to reload your plan at a discounted price. You can do this via your credit card, or flag down a cabin crew member to pay by cash.

Reloads costs MYR7 for 3MB for the Chats Plan, or MYR15 for 10MB and MYR60 for 50MB respectively for the Internet Plan.

Free for AirAsia BIG members

If you’re an AirAsia BIG member, you’ll love that AirAsia is giving you free Wi-Fi via its Chats Plan. So, chat away on WhatsApp and other favourite chat apps when you’re in the sky.

To redeem the offer, simply connect to the ROKKI Wi-Fi hotspot in-flight, and login with your BIG account details at rokki.com.


There are currently 44 ROKKI-enabled aircraft in AirAsia’s fleet. You can check if your AK flight offers ROKKI Wi-Fi here.


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