Activate a Yoodo SIM and get free 20GB of data this Ramadan

Yoodo Ramadan Booster
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In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, ground-breaking mobile service Yoodo is offering 20GB of free data for new subscribers. A starter SIM pack can be ordered for free, with the 20GB of free data valid for 30 days.

Here’s how it works. Starting 16 May 2018 onwards, when you activate a new SIM, Yoodo will give you free MYR20 credit.

This credit can be used to buy the limited-time 10GB Ramadan Booster pack that’s being offered for only MYR10. You could activate two booster packs for a total of 20GB, or if you wish, use the free credit to purchase SMS, voice or roaming data.

Each booster pack follows your billing cycle, and with the free data you could technically subscribe to Yoodo’s cheapest plan of MYR3 per month that comes with 50 SMS.

Because Yoodo is fully customisable, you can then switch to a more data focused plan the following month once the free data expires or is used up. MYR30 per month is a good starting point once the Ramadan offer expires.

Existing users are not left out, of course. The 10GB booster pack is available for purchase, at the same rate of MYR10. You can buy as many booster packs as you want, but note that the Ramadan offer is valid until 17 June 2018.

A new kind of telco

For those unfamiliar with Yoodo, this “new telco” is a startup that’s powered by Celcom. It’s a 100% fully digital service, yes like Maxis’ ookyo and Digi’s tapp. It’s by far, the most customisable telco plan ever, putting control back into your hands.

You can control and manage the amount you want to spend each month, and allocate your spend on data, voice calls, text and roaming based on your needs.

The great thing about Yoodo is that you can order a free SIM and get it delivered to you. If you opt for Express Delivery, it can be done within two hours in the Klang Valley (for a small charge of MYR15). Otherwise, you can opt for standard delivery that takes between 1-3 days at no charge.

You can tether your connection without any restrictions or extra charges. There’s no need for a VPN, unlike a couple of its competitors. And, it’s supported on both iOS and Android.

Another plus is that it supports MNP, so you’ll be able to port over from other telcos if you need to.

Why does Yoodo rock? Read this.

If you haven’t tried, head over to to order a SIM. Use referral code ebvci4563 to receive MYR20 free credit.

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