This music video feat. Shukri Yahaya was shot with 2019 Toyota Vios


The 2019 Toyota Vios made its official Malaysian debut today and to welcome the B-segment leader, UMW Toyota Motor also showcased its very own music video. Featuring Malaysian celebrity Shukri Yahaya and beatboxer Shawn Lee, the music video entitled “As Never Before” captures the spirit of the 2019 Vios – style, on-road drivability and performance.

What’s interesting about the brand’s first ever music video is that it was shot using the car itself. The production team placed special cameras at different points on the car to shoot the music video. You can watch how they did it in the latter parts of the music video.

The entire production took approximately three months and the efforts of over 50 people, including Rajay Singh, one of three renowned film directors to produce the video.

Toyota said the inspiration for the video came from the brand itself, with its new brand premise “All About The Drive.” It inspired the brand to think out-of-the-box and go beyond conventional mediums and leverage on digital content.

“We pride ourselves on being different from the rest of the competition, and hence, are celebrating the new Toyota Vios, As Never Before,” said Ravindran K., President of UMW Toyota Motor.

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Akio Takeyama, UMW Toyota Motor’s Deputy Chairman said that “As Never Before” is by far the largest scale video for UMW Toyota Motor Malaysia not only in terms of production scale but overall creativity and effort. The involvement of two of its leading drivers of the Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) series – Shukri Yahaya and Shawn Lee – in the video adds further impact to the video.

“As Never Before” is the first attempt for Toyota and the Vios, an amalgamation of the car’s aesthetics, drivability and performance.

Using the car as a vantage point and camera rig highlight the car’s handling, manoeuvrability and performance.

Shukri Yahaya’s journey with Toyota Motorsport began in 2017-2018 season as a TGR season. During the media Q&A session, I told Shukri that I was surprised to see him singing and dancing in the video, and asked if seasoned performer Shawn was any help during the production process. He lamented that the project was certainly out of his comfort zone but he was excited to be part of it.

Shukri and Shawn may be fierce rivals and teammates on the race circuit, but you’ll notice their genuine chemistry and friendship on-set, off-set, on-track and off.

Beatboxer Shawn said he was honoured to be part of the music video, and especially since beatboxing and entertaining have always been his passion.

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Watch “As Never Before” here:

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