Snow Leopard Kext Error

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Kext Error Message

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard (subsequently version 10.6.1), I’ve been getting error messages such as above. Obviously some residual, old code. Did some checking and found some other users with the same issues. Apparently caused by a Canon scanner driver.

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The problematic kext

Located the kext file in /System/Library/Extensions/ and removed it from the folder. System seems to run fine although I have not tested the scanner yet (a CanonScan LiDE25).

Just one of a few notable anomalies and errors since upgrading to Snow Leopard. Will tabulate a list and report after.

How’s Snow Leopard been for you?


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  • Karl Morgan

    Canon has updated scantools and scanner driver for the LIDE25 on thier support website. I installed them last night on snow leopard and it was happy

    • vernieman

      Thanks Karl!