100 Highlights of 2010


100 Highlights of 2010

2010 came and went in one quick swoop. It seemed like yesterday when we bid farewell to 2008 to welcome 2009. Crazy isn’t it? Undeniably, the year has been eventful, with ups, downs, sideways action (ahem) and more. Here’s 100 of my highlights (in random order):

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  1. Got college-angsty with the church arson incidents.
  2. Level5 gets their official name cards.
  3. Had first dinner with GMC (Great Minds Club) including L5’s Intan, Jendela KL’s Faisol & Jit Murad.
  4. Had plenty of Lou Sang during CNY including an awesome big do with family for CNYE!
  5. I turned 36. FTW.
  6. Axis Atrium soft launches. Yay.
  7. Entered my first treasure hunt – BNI X-Charity Hunt in support of NASOM.
  8. Attended TEDxKL!
  9. My MBP goes cranky and off for warranty claim – battery, LCD replaced.
  10. Ran a free, solo Facebook workshop for BNI Synergy.
  11. Got my first KeepCup. Thanks, @qwertyjuan
  12. Photography & design work for Astra Group with scratchdisk & Andrew Lee of Art Dynamics.
  13. scratchdisk’s website gets a major makeover.
  14. I start reviewing cars and writing for Cars.MY magazine.
  15. Co-founded The Car Guys with Oon Yeoh, Andrew Lee and Jun Jack Lee.
  16. Attended the awesome VW TSI & DSG Media Drive – in the Polo, Golf & Scirocco.
  17. Stayed at Tanjong Jara Resort. Farkawesome.
  18. gets a huge makeover. Huge.
  19. YTL Comms launches Yes4G, I attend the preview and grand launch.
  20. P1Wimax previews #SuperWiggy and I get to test and review.
  21. Driving instructor duties for HPC.
  22. Toyota LE gets full race bucket seats!
  23. Got a ContourHD video cam. Thanks @iancheong
  24. scratchdisk does Menara Binjai.
  25. Facebook page for R3gister.
  26. Facebook page for scratchdisk.
  27. I register scratchlabs development.
  28. I register Green Expectations.
  29. I register Scratch Marketing Products.
  30. Attended Jit Murad’s birthday bash.
  31. Attended Google DevFest.
  32. Attended several WebCampKLs (6 and X).
  33. Attended WordCamp KL 2010.
  34. gets over 2,000 pageviews for a single post.
  35. I briefly have only 6 icons on my desktop.
  36. I bought a Sony NEX-3!
  37. I bought a Google Nexus One running Froyo 2.2.
  38. My iPhone 3G and 3Gs goes for repairs/warranty.
  39. I acted in StuckInThird’s seventh episode.
  40. Helped out at Level5’s Web Design workshop by David Wang, organised by NST.
  41. I get completely hooked on Citrus. Completely.
  42. BNI Rainmaker does team building at Hulu Langat.
  43. I play Cashflow101 regularly.
  44. I started go-karting again.
  45. scratchdisk does Glamor House.
  46. scratchdisk closes China operations.
  47. I get an iPad for Xmas!
  48. The world gets iOS4! Yay!
  49. My Yes4G post gets plugged on Yes World.
  50. Attended BNI KL10 International Members Conference.
  51. Met BNI’s CEO Norm Dominguez
  52. Attended GSMA Mobile Asia Conference and MacWorld Mobile in HK.
  53. scratchdisk does trip to Singapore and attend the Singapore Toys & Games Convention.
  54. Attended OpenWebAsia.
  55. I do a Foursquare Special video with @lightyoruichi and @hakimism
  56. Met the Google team and very cool people at OpenWebAsia.
  57. The Chan clan goes on makan trip in Penang. <3
  58. Crashed the back of my Alfa – the pole just came out of nowhere. I swear.
  59. Some MIA ex-collegemates do a gathering in Ampang.
  60. Went for iPhone Dev training at iTrain.
  61. scratchdisk designs for Axiata HQ at Quill7 with Designlogix.
  62. Discovered the awesome Fat Spoon.
  63. Attended BFM’s first tweetup.
  64. Met BFM’s Freda Liu and CEO Malek!
  65. Shot Miss Malaysia 2008 runners-up, Cindy Chen in Kuantan for Cars.MY
  66. Meeting and shooting Daphne Iking.
  67. Testdrove and brought home a Bufori.
  68. Lining up for 2.5 hours to buy an iPhone4 for @janndutt (surprise!)
  69. Met and interviewed Liyana Fizi and her band. Awesomes!
  70. Attended #Oct23Twtup!
  71. Had fun at VW’s “Are you Volkswagen Enough?” grand launch at Changkat Bukit Bintang.
  72. Attended and covered KLIMS2010.
  73. Reviewed the Samsung Galaxy 5.
  74. Visited Tangkak for the first time.
  75. Attended OgilvyPR’s “Digital Influencers” meetup.
  76. Watched local football and supported Harimau Malaya!
  77. Glamor House launched.
  78. Got yellow Puma shoes.
  79. Got new F50 futsal boots.
  80. Got a Pagoda tee for Xmas! Yay!
  81. I ate. A lot. In a lot of places.
  82. BNI Rainmaker celebrates its 3rd anniversary.
  83. Bro gets a Kinect. We get really fit.
  84. Fell in love with Olivia Munn. Again.
  85. Met many really cool people.
  86. Got my first 4 traffic summons for my Alfa.
  87. Moved out of Pantai Hillpark after 10 years.
  88. Maintained 85kilos weight.
  89. Had a kick-ass Xmas dinner at home.
  90. Became a more active blogger.
  91. Still looking for more revenue streams.
  92. Hit 235km/h in a 1.4litre Golf TSI.
  93. scratchdisk work for Tian Cern & Meatworks gets published in the Big Book of Layouts in the US.
  94. Became a WokStar, thanks to @san220478 and @alvlkn
  95. Did a couple of cool internal projects @ scratchdisk – #Project101010 & #Xmas.
  96. Had fun at HPC and posted several videos on YouTube.
  97. Attended Guerilla Entrepreneurs Seminar.
  98. Appeared in Her World 50th Anniversary edition with soulmate @cherubaddie.
  99. Bricked my iPhone 3G.
  100. I became a social whore twice over with 1,688 friends on Facebook and 1,119 followers on Twitter.


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