Yoodo to introduce eSIM in first half 2019

Yoodo, the fully-digital, fully-customisable telco service powered by Celcom, announced today that it will support eSIM soon. eSIM is a global specification by the GSMA that enables remote SIM provisioning of any mobile device. This allows you to store multiple telco profiles on a device simultaneously, and switch between them. Since it’s an embedded architecture, there’s no need for physical SIM cards.

The conversations surrounding this technology have become more frequent these days. Device makers like Apple, have been proponents of a universal SIM for the past couple of years. You’ll also find smartphone makers like Google, Samsung, Xiaomi and OPPO embracing eSIM as well.

The latest devices to support eSIM include the iPad Pro, iPhone XS, iPhoneXS Max, iPhone XR, Google Pixel 2, Xiaomi Mi 8 and OPPO R17 Pro.

The advantages of eSIM are multi-fold. Network data on a standard SIM card is rewritable on eSIM devices. It’s easy to change a telco or operator to make a call or use data.

When you travel, it will be easier to switch to a local network without having to purchase and swap a physical SIM card (if you’re not roaming). Also, depending on what device, they may be different SIM card sizes to contend with.

And because eSIM is integrated into the phone, future devices may be even thinner and more compact without space allocation for physical SIM cards.

Yoodo says they’re working on getting the eSIM experience right and hopes to introduce the feature in the first half of 2019.

That aside, the mobile service is introducing several new features based on user feedback from the community. They will be adding an online banking feature to complement the current debit/credit card and PayPal payment options.

Adding a new dimension to its booster add-ons is its Flexi Boosters. Compared to current boosters, Flexi Boosters get cheaper as you get close to the end of your billing cycle.

Yoodo is also introducing Data Sharing, which will allow you to share data across different Yoodo accounts.

These new features help make Yoodo even more flexible and customisable, and they’re expected to take flight in the months to come.

Not on Yoodo yet? It’s easy to start. Head over to Yoodo here, register for a SIM and get it delivered to your doorstep. When you activate your SIM card using referral code ebvci456, you’ll get free MYR20 credit.

And by the way, Yoodo’s MYR20 data booster add-on for 20GB is still on until 31 December 2018.

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