Yes 4G to launch 4G smartphone next week

Yes 4G smartphone
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Yes 4G, Malaysia’s 4G WIMAX operator is set to launch the much-awaited 4G-enabled smartphone next Wednesday. Yes calls it the “world’s smartest 4G phone”. We’ll see what that means very soon. I first caught a glimpse of the Android-based 4G handset last year, when YTL Communication’s CEO, Wing K Lee popped by to greet us after the shooting of a Gadget Nation segment with Adam Carruthers and fellow blogger Rebecca Saw.

While I’ve been wondering what had taken Yes so long to release their first ever 4G-powered smartphone, I’m pretty sure it should kick some ass. From my brief encounter with it last year, it’s well-built and runs Gingerbread (for Yes’ sake, I hope it’s now ICS!). It features dual-SIM, meaning it will support both 3G and 4G and will have customised Yes Life app/services built-in.

I’m getting an exclusive preview of the soon-to-be-launched 4G smartphone tomorrow ahead of the launch. I’ll post some updates. Stay tuned!

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