Yes 4G interconnect issues: Official update

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An official email from Yes has announced temporary interconnect issues with number blocks from 018-331xxxx and 018-332xxxx series. For those who pre-registered their Yes ID, you would have also selected a 018 number of your choice.

It is interconnect that allows you to make and receive calls to other network operators. This does not affect making or receiving voice calls from within the Yes network, meaning calls from a 018 to another 018 number will not experience this issue. Yes has assured that the problem will be resolved by the first week of December 2010.

There are two options for users affected by this issue, though:

Option 1:
You can obtain a different number so that you can make and receive calls from other network operators. Yes can assist you to select a new number from a new range, whilst the last four digits from your current number will be retained.

Option 2:
Do nothing, retain your current number and wait for the issue to be solved in December 2010.

Users are advised to revert on the option by November 15, 2010 (email to If you don’t reply, Yes will assume that you want to retain your current number.

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IA - WoW
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