Love Instagram? Xpax is giving you free data

If Instagram is your thing, then you’d love what Xpax has to offer. Joining its Video Walla and Music Walla internet add-ons is Instagram Walla, designed to give you dedicated data for all your social needs.

With three easy options: Daily (MYR1), Weekly (MYR7) and Monthly (MYR20), you’ll enjoy 1GB, 10GB or 15GB data for Instagram (as well as WeChat, WhatsApp and Twitter) respectively.

But wait, there’s another way you can enjoy free Instagram data. Just subscribe to an Internet Plan. Offered also in Daily, Weekly and Monthly denominations, you’ll get 10GB of free Instagram data. Having dedicated Instagram data means you won’t touch on your main Internet data quota until you’ve finished the free 10GB. Instagram Stories away!

Internet Plans start from MYR3 daily which gives you 1GB of internet data plus free 10GB Instagram data + free 10GB hi-speed Facebook data. Monthly plans go up to MYR79 per month with 15GB of internet data + free unlimited Music Walla and Video Walla + free 10GB Instagram data + free 10GB hi-speed Facebook data.

That’s a LOT of data.

The cool thing is, you can carry forward unused internet data to the next month.

Naturally, you’ll need to keep the account active to enjoy all these perks. To ensure you’re always active, you can subscribe before the plan expires, or better still opt for auto-renewal.

More Walla

If you love music and binge-watching videos, you can check out Video Walla and Music Walla.

Initial thoughts

These are great add-ons for Xpax users especially for social media whores fans. Lagi awesome, indeed. Note that the Instagram Walla offer is a limited time promo.

For more information on Walla, visit Xpax.

By Vernon

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16 replies on “Love Instagram? Xpax is giving you free data”

telco prepaid still my best choice haha, always have alot promotion free data.
nowadays everywhere also have wifi… it can reduce our data usage also.

Its not only for instagram. Also they give for FB with high speed. Huhu. Ok rite? Better you try xpax. Cz im using xpax now. Hehe

so much confuse la, so many type of data. which is which ?
why don give directly free 10 GB for all for everything?
always want to make life so hard.

where got confuse, it just free data. basically the basic internet still there all the time.
haha how can it free 10 gb for evrything , if do this , others telco can close business ady.
is very good move btw. during the year end promotion.

Nope. Its any internet plan subscription. So you can get more data for instagram and FB. hehehe.

Yay or nah? Seems like an ordinary promotion to me. Don’t really offer anything special or stand out too much from the other telco, free data lah, free phone call lah, all sort of the same stuff being used again and again.

Well, you can’t really ask for much right? It’s what telco is supposed to do, provide line for internet and phone calls. So most of their promotions are also revolve around that loh. I guess everyone loves free stuffs right so why not? As long as they are able to boost their sales.

Why do you still want to complain when people already giving out free stuffs for you? Just appreciate their effort in ensuring that the customers are able to receive as much benefits as possible from the telco. By just paying RM30 per month you are able to get 25GB worth of data in total, should be very sufficient for everyday usage.

Yeah bro, so far I don’t see any other prepaid telco that have such a promotion, really good since most of the phone users nowadays are using both of these apps. Somemore xpax also have the ability to carry forward your unfinished data to the next month, so no need scare it will go to waste.

Problem is the data that they give is not that much even to begin with. RM30 for 5GB of data? Even postpaid plans give more than that. If not enough use how to have extra to be carried forward oh? The 10GB that they is only limited to Instagram and Facebook so dont really count loh.

Well everything still depends on the user in the end, some people can use up to 10GB per month but other people might not be needing so much, so in the end the carry forward function is quite good to have. Even if you have nothing to transfer over there’s no demerit also right?

lol that is the good way… you can share it to your friend or colleague hahaha
free stuff just use it as much as you can. 10gb for instagram i think should be enough for a month. if you can’t fully utilize it still can carry forward to next month. lol

I need more data for using instagram. Cz im doin online busines. So any telco can give me more data ? Huhuhu

Why not you try xpax? They give you 10GB data for instagram. Not only for insta . You also can get FB . Huhuhu

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