What’s Video Walla? Xpax’s video streaming data explained

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Xpax Video Walla

Less than a week ago, Celcom introduced a couple of new media-centric features to its prepaid Xpax (and postpaid) subscribers. Urging you to “Be more Walla!,” Celcom’s Video Walla and Music Walla is all about unlimited entertainment without worrying about consuming your data quota.

Let’s see what this is all about.

In a nutshell, Video Walla gives you extra data for all your video streaming needs. This means, you do not use your existing prepaid data.

Sounds good so far right?

So, how much does it cost?

There are two options – daily or weekly.

For the daily option, it costs just MYR1 per day and you’ll be allocated 1GB of data for video streaming.

The weekly option is even more awesome. For just MYR7 per week, you’ll get a whopping 10GB of data. This means, if you were to subscribe to the plan every week, that will give you 40GB of data in a month.

The weekly plan is also open to Celcom postpaid subscribers.

Xpax Video Walla

What can you use the video streaming data for? If you love YouTube, Netflix, iflix, Tonton, Astro Go, dimsum, HeroTalkies, MOX Digital, Metro TV and Daily Motion, the Video Wall supports all these. And even uploads to YouTube are included.

Do note that premium subscriptions to services will still need to be paid for separately, where applicable.

The great thing about Video Walla is that there is no cap on speeds or quality of the streaming videos. That means you get to watch Netflix and iflix at full resolution (4K or Full HD).

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How to subscribe?

You can subscribe to Video Walla via the Xpax Mobile app, or dial *118# on your phone.

And by the way, for Ramadhan, Celcom is doubling the Video Walla quota. That means if you subscribe to the daily and weekly options, you’ll get 2GB and 20GB of data respectively.

This promo runs until 30 June 2017.

FYI, Celcom FIRST Platinum subscribers who subscribe to Video Walla will also receive a free 12-month subscription to iflix.

For more information, visit www.xpax.com.my/walla.

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  • YTL

    Wahh…. even youtube upload can using this Walla plan data….
    Only weekly plan open for postpaid?

    • jen

      maybe postpaid dun need daily plan, haha. btw, their music walla for unlimited music streaming tru joox, raku and fm only rm3. first time heard prepaid internet data cheaper than postpaid.

  • yumiso

    Wow… It is promo with double data now!!
    so worth to buy…

  • with xpax i could enjoy everything especially music walla which i could enjoy listening music with low price

  • jen

    all celcom postpaid users can subscribe to this music and video walla add on or only limited for celcom platinum users?

    • cheemin

      this walla plan is for Xpax user so both is available.
      you used postpaid plan? don’t it offer a lot of data? why you also want to buy this walla plan?

      • Windfall

        is it true that celcom platinium user buy walla plan can get free iflix for 1 year??

      • jen

        because the ramadhan double data promotion very attractive,
        rm7 can get 20gb video data,
        during holiday my postpaid data usually not enough one,
        so thinking of buy video walla during double data promotion.

    • pym

      Sure. All XPAX and Celcom First customers can enjoy this offer…..
      It’s just Platinum plan users can get 1 year iflix

      • GP

        is that really worth it to go for this plan ?? how about the speed during download the songs n movies ..is that ok??

      • ahrikx

        I’m platinium user and i’m not going to buy this walla plan, the data that platinium plan offer is very enough for me and sometimes i carry forward the remaining data to the next month..
        maybe it’s more suitable for gold user

        • Conny

          Gold user don’t have 1 year free iflix so better don’t buy this walla plan..
          Go to switch postpaid plan to prepaid plan is also very troublesome..