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Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum sucks well so you don’t have to

Xiaomi continues to expand its Mi Ecosystem of devices. The latest gadget to make its way to Malaysia is the Mi Robot Vacuum – an intelligent robot vacuum that takes care of things that suck our energy out of our daily lives – home and workplace cleaning.

More than 95 percent of robot vacuum cleaners in the market are reactive-based. They sweep around mindlessly and change directions when they bump into obstacles. This results in poor cleaning overall.

Well, the Mi Robot Vacuum is different. It accesses its surroundings and it methodologically and efficiently cleans homes.

Xiaomi says the Mi Robot Vacuum uses a revolutionary path-planning algorithm used in unmanned vehicles and Mars rovers. Called the Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, it allows for real-time positioning and area mapping with high accuracy. No wonder Mars is so spick and span.

As each home has a different layout and environment, it takes some intelligence and clever technology to ensure no nook is left unattended to.

The Mi Robot Vacuum comes with 12 different sensors, enabling it to understand and adapt to different surroundings, manoeuvring itself even in the most complex environments. A Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) scans its surroundings at 360 degrees, up to 1,800 times per second is coupled with 11 other sensors for exceptional navigation.

Mechanically, the vacuum packs a powerful nidec brushless motor with an ultra-strong force of 1,800Pa which is several times more powerful than ordinary motors.

It also comes with a large 5,200mAh battery that supplies enough juice for 2.5 hours of sweeping in a cleaning area of up to 250m2 on a single charge. It also has a “resume” function to continue work where it last left off.

Keeping to Xiaomi’s DNA of connected, intuitive and simple products, the Mi Robot Vacuum only has two buttons – Power and Home. Being a connected device, you can control and manage the vacuum from the Mi Home app.

The app allows you to remote control the vacuum, view maps generated, monitor cleaning progress in real time, and even set schedules.

Pricing and availability

The Mi Robot Vacuum retails for just MYR1,099, a substantial cost savings compared to world-class robot vacuum cleaner models like the iRobot Roomba 980 Neato Botvac D8500 or Samsung POWERbot.

The vacuum is available from 18 August 2018, from Authorised Mi Stores, Lazada and Shopee.

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