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Samsung’s Wind-Free air-con keeps you cool with AI power

It may pour down like no tomorrow in the evenings, but the weather is undeniably scorching for most of the day. It’s hard to imagine life without air-conditioning at home, especially in Malaysia’s hot, humid tropical climate. Well, Samsung has a new air conditioner to cool things down. Called the AR9500T, the advanced product combines Wind-Free technology with intelligent AI-powered features.

With Samsung’s Wind-Free technology and 3-Step cooling mode, you can enjoy a cooling experience without harsh, direct, cold drafts.

Initially, it lowers the temperature rapidly in Fast Cooling mode. Then, its dehumidifying feature sets humidity to an optimal level. Finally, upon reaching the desired temperature, Wind-Free Cooling mode is activated to maintain cooling and humidity levels to provide the ideal level of comfort.

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Fast Cooling works by cooling the room quickly from corner to corner. It disperses cool air farther and wider to ensure a consistent blanket of cool air regardless of where you are in the room.

The new Wind-Free unit’s Digital Inverter Boost dramatically reduces the time it takes for the compressor to reach maximum power once it starts operating. This helps it cool the air 43 percent faster compared to a conventional model.

In Wind-Free Cooling mode, fresh air is dispersed gently and evenly through 23,000 micro-holes. This creates a cool, still air condition without unpleasant cold drafts.

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The AR9500T’s intelligent AI Auto Cooling feature analyses room conditions, user-preferred temperatures, cooling modes and even outdoor climate to provide optimum cooling.

The air-conditioner can also be controlled and monitored remotely using the SmartThings app.

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Thanks to the energy-efficient Digital Inverter Boost compressor, the AR9500T reduces energy usage by up to 73 percent and comes with a 5-Star energy label for CSPF—the highest energy rating achievable in Malaysia.

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That aside, the AR9500T also integrates an advanced Tri-Care filter that traps large dust, fibres, and hairs, as well as Easy Filter Plus to reduce the presence of fine dust, viruses, bacteria, and allergens in the air.

The filter is easy to clean and for added convenience, the air-con unit also has an Auto Clean function to prevent bacteria and odour build-up.

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Pricing and availability

The Samsung AR9500T Wind-Free air-conditioner is available now at all local Samsung Brand Stores. Pricing is as below:

  • 1.0hp – MYR2,399
  • 1.5hp – MYR2,699
  • 2.0hp – MYR3,699
  • 2.5hp – MYR4,399

Purchase with Purchase Promo

Samsung Malaysia is offering a Purchase with Purchase (PWP) promotion when you can pick up a new Samsung Air Purifier at 50 per cent off with each new Wind-Free air-conditioner. The promotion runs through to 31 May 2020.

Note: The ongoing PWP promotion is applicable to AX60R5080WD and AX34R3020WW Air Purifier models.

For more info about the Samsung AR9500T Wind-Free air-conditioner, visit Samsung Malaysia.

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