LEGO pays tribute to Nissan GT-R NISMO with LEGO Speed Champions model

LEGO Speed Champions Nissan GT-R NISMO
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If you’re a petrolhead, a LEGO fan, or both, you’re going to love this. LEGO and Nissan have come together for the first time to reveal the latest LEGO model, paying tribute to one of the most iconic Japanese supercars—the Nissan GT-R NISMO.

The LEGO model was introduced by LEGO Group CEO Niels B. Christiansen and Asako Hoshino, executive vice president at Nissan, at the Japanese automaker’s global headquarters in Yokohama on Monday.

The scaled-down model is the perfect homage for the legendary supercar, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The LEGO Speed Champions Nissan GT-R NISMO will be available globally in January 2020 as part of the LEGO Speed Champions product lineup. New for 2020, the new replica range will be 25 percent bigger and more realistic than ever.

The GT-R NISMO model is made up of 298 LEGO elements, beautifully capturing the authentic and intricate details of the life-size car.

Minituarising the legendary speedster posed an interesting challenge for LEGO design lead Chris Stamp. He said, “Authenticity is always our main concern, and we spent a lot of time exploring different building techniques to correctly recreate the taillights, as they are one of the most recognisable details on the car. I am really happy with the end result!”

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Hiroshi “Mr. GT-R” Tamura, Nissan’s chief product specialist for the GT-R, gave a big thumbs up to the scaled-down GT-R NISMO.

“The GT-R has been a part of my life since I was 10 years old. Working with the LEGO Group was like awakening my inner 10-year old self to rediscover what makes the GT-R so special to me. It’s amazing how much the LEGO Group’s attention to detail reminds me of our own craftsmen.”

The real-life 2020 GT-R NISMO also appeared alongside the LEGO Speed Champions Nissan GT-R NISMO at the launch. Available now, the “most extreme, most capable GT-R in history” features carbon-fibre front and rear bumpers, roof, trunk and rear spoiler; carbon-fibre front fenders with special scalloped vents; new lightweight wheels and new tires; tuned suspension and transmission; Brembo carbon brakes; and new turbochargers.

I know what I want for the new year.

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Fun facts: The real 2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO vs. the LEGO Nissan GT-R NISMO

Development time10-plus yearsApproximately 12 months
PartsMore than 90,000 298
Assembly timeApproximately 8 hours for the vehicle, 
plus additional hours for the takumi-built engine
Expert LEGO builder: 20 minutes
Normal LEGO builder: 1 hour
Top speed315+ kphHand-driven
Gears6-speed dual-clutch1 forward, 1 backward
Weight1720 kg193 g
Building instructionsNot includedIncluded
FuelPremium gasolineCreativity
Range 550+ kmUnlimited
Hours of funEndlessEndless
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