Tears, away! Xbox One S and Xbox One X to support AMD Radeon FreeSync

AMD Freesync Xbox One X

There’s nothing more annoying that tearing and stuttering when you’re gaming, whether you’re on your PC, mobile or console. And it can even happen to your Xbox, too. The good news is, AMD and Microsoft have just announced that Radeon FreeSync technology is heading to Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Artifacts, be gone.

AMD’s Radeon FreeSync technology puts an end to choppy gameplay, delivering fluid performance at virtually any framerate. Freesync technology in selected AMD APUs and GPUs leverages on industry standards like DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync to deliver dynamic refresh.

Freesync synchronises refresh rates between a compatible monitor to the framerate of a Radeon graphics card which reduces input latency and helps reduce/eliminate stuttering or tearing during gaming and video playback.

There are over 240 compatible display that have support for Radeon FreeSync technology in the market today. This is twice as many displays available compared to often costlier competing technology like NVIDIA’s G-Sync.

AMD says that the Xbox One S and Xbox One X will support variable refresh rates on AMD Radeon compatible displays.

Additionally, FreeSync 2, which was announced last year, will bring not only stutter-free performance but also High Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming to the Xbox.

FreeSync support was one of several new features that the Xbox Engineering and marketing teams announced in its “Inside Xbox” news series. These features will come to Xbox later this Spring.


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