The world’s largest Apple Store is opening in China on 19 March

Apple Store Olympia 66 Dalian
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Four years ago, Apple announced that it would open its biggest flagship retail store – in Dalian, China. Housed in the spectacular Olympia 66 mall at 66 Wusi Lu in the Xigang district, the store outguns the reigning champion in Dubai, UAE.

The Olympia 66 mall spans a total of eight floors and has won a number of design awards since it opened last December.

The Covent Garden store in England was the largest in the world when it opened in 2010, later superseded by the 50,000-square-foot Dubai store in 2015.

The China pie

Apple has been on an aggressive spree with its Apple Store openings in China. It’s 75% of the way towards its goal of 40 stores in the country by end of 2016.

The Cupertino tech giant currently lies third in market share (13.1%) in China, based on Q4’15 results. Huawei and Xiaomi occupy the top two spots. China is undoubtedly an important market for Apple where it contributes close to 25% of total revenue. While revenue in Greater China rose in Q4’15, sales weakening due to the softer economy. (Source: Reuters)

The grand opening

The grand opening of the new store happens at 10AM, Saturday, 19 March 2016. Typical opening hours will be Monday to Sunday, 10AM–10PM. For directions, click here.

Check out photos of the mall below:

Source: 9to5mac

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