This is nuts! U Mobile Hero Postpaid P70 plan gets 15GB data boost

Hero Postpaid P70
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Does the colour orange represent insane? U Mobile’s already groundbreaking Hero Postpaid P70 plan it introduced last year is getting an even bigger boost. Starting tomorrow, 15 March 2016, all current and new P70 customers will get 15GB of data quota and unlimited calls.

The current Hero Postpaid P70 plan offers 7GB of monthly data quota, with unlimited calls to all networks. There’s no unlimited text, but SMS to U Mobile numbers cost 3sen/SMS, while it’s 8sen/SMS to other networks.

There’s the flexibility to share your quota to up to 2 other SIMs. Like its other postpaid and prepaid offerings, you’ll also enjoy 50MB of free internet roaming every day when you’re overseas.

Attempting to push the envelope even further, U Mobile is upping data substantially to a whopping 15GB per month. This deal is effective tomorrow, 15 March 2016, and will last till 30 June 2016.

There isn’t any other official details on its website, as this was only posted on social media by U Mobile CMO, Jasmine Lee. So let’s hope there’s no ‘catch’ – no ‘burung hantu’, weekend or Wi-Fi quota crap gimmickry used by some other telco.

The competition for telco supremacy has certainly been furious lately, and don’t expect things to let up any time soon.

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It’s great for consumers though, but from the telco perspective: is this healthy, and ultimately, is the price war sustainable?

MYR70 for 15GB. Now that’s a deal difficult to ignore. I’ll leave that to you to decide whether to port or not, if you haven’t though.

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