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Wiko Y-range and U-range
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Wiko is a name you’re seeing a lot these days, and for good reason. The French smartphone maker takes a different approach in its mobile products. They’re making things fun, quirky and simple. Its expansive range targeted at first time smartphone users and the younger generation (and young at heart!) include the trendy Y-range and elegant U-range. That’s not all, Wiko even has a couple of innovative accessories including the WiBoard casing for U Feel and U Feel Lite, and WiCube for the Robby and Lenny 3.

Wiko Jerry

Jerry “The Trendy One”

Jerry is perfect for those keen to first dabble into the rich waters of the smartphone. The 3G dual-SIM smartphone looks great with a metal finish, and is fun and simple to use. With quad-core processing power, microSD expansion, good cameras on the front and back, Jerry packs plenty for just MYR299. If you haven’t, catch the spec rundown in my previous video here:

Wiko Lenny 3

Lenny 3 “The Legendary One”

Another trendy one in the Y-range, Lenny 3 continues where the popular Lenny 2 left of. Encased in an elegant metal body, it sports a 5-inch HD IPS display, quad-core power and 16GB of storage. You’ll love the full-features 8MP rear camera and 5MP selfie camera with screen flash. Dual-SIM 3G, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and an all-day battery makes the Lenny 3 an excellent buy at MYR379. Watch the feature rundown video of the Lenny 3 here:

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Wiko Robby

Robby “The Big One”

Cliché as it may sound – size does matter. In this case, the big 5.5-inch HD IPS display and dual front-facing stereo speakers make the Robby the perfect media consumption device. The really cool thing is that with dual speaker setup it lets you answer calls in either orientation – upright or upside down. It’s loaded with sweet shooters too, including a selfie camera that’s equipped with a selfie flash. All this and more, for just MYR449.

Wiko U Feel & U Feel Lite

U Feel & U Feel Lite: So much feels

Without a doubt, U Feel and U Feel Lite are one of the best-looking in Wiko’s portfolio. If you aren’t impressed with the sandstone back cover though, you’ll definitely go wow with its fast fingerprint sensor. The sensor lets you register up to five fingerprints and these can be used to unlock the phone, used to launch apps, or run different tasks.

The 5-inch HD display will impress you with its crispness and brightness, while under the hood, it gets a snappy quad-core processor with 3GB RAM (2GB on the Lite). Dual-SIM 4G LTE gives you high speed connectivity on the go, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow ensures you’re always up-to-date with all things Android. U Feel rocks it at MYR699, while U Feel Lite goes for MYR569.

Wiko WiBoard folio case

WiBoard for U Feel and U Feel Lite

Say goodbye to conventional smartphone casings because WiBoard lets you do more. While ensuring your U Feel or U Feel Lite get the protection they need, it gives you easy access to notifications, and instant controls through an innovative window on the front flap.

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There are four kinds of notifications available and these can be customized to your preference. Themes and colours can be changed to your liking.

The cool thing is that you can even answer your calls without opening the flap as the window will show you the number of the caller, and a button to answer the call.

The WiBoard app can be downloaded for free from Google Play. The WiBoard casing retails at MYR99.

Wiko WiCube

WiCube for Robby and Lenny 3

The WiCube is a phone casing like no other. The intriguing cube-based window design shows up to six types of notifications or applications. Like the WiBoard, it allows you to answer your calls without opening the flap.

The free WiCube app lets you customize the look of the cubes, and manage notifications.

This super unique casing can be used with Robby and Lenny 3, and costs MYR79.


Wiko Y-range and U-range

For more information on all things Wiko, visit my-en.wikomobile.com, or visit the official Wiko Mobile Malaysia Facebook page at www.facebook.com/wikomy.

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