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It’s weird. On paper, webe, TM’s mobile business, should be a runaway winner. Why wouldn’t it be? A fuss-free, unlimited everything plan for a “sweet spot” MYR79 per month subscription, with the backing of Celcom’s wide coverage. However, there was a niggling dent in the arsenal – mobile tethering, or personal hotspot.

You see, while you enjoy limitless data, calls and text, you’re unable to share the connection with devices or people. Personal hotspot is an add-on, and a pricey one at that – MYR8 for two hours.

Understandably, this is a deal breaker for power users, or a certain percentage of users who often work on the go, and have no access to free Wi-Fi.

Webe responded several months ago, with a limited time offer of 1GB of free hotspot data per month, for three months.

A nice gesture, and a welcome move, albeit temporary.

Well, here’s a piece of great news. webemobile (not webe broadband) is now offering 10GB of 4G LTE hotspot data to all new and existing webemobile customers, as well as SME customers. This is a monthly quota.

It does come with a caveat. As you know, web has its own 4G LTE network, but also has a RAN sharing agreement with Celcom. When a user is out of webe coverage, he can “roam” on the wide Celcom network.

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When it comes to the personal hotspot though, the 10GB of free hotspot data is only applicable to webe’s own network. So, if you’re out of coverage, you’re out of luck.

All isn’t lost, however. You can purchase hotspot add-ons – MYR8.48 (incl. GST) for 500MB, MYR15.90 for 1GB, or MYR6.36 for unlimited usage for two hours.

The 10GB hotspot data offer is available for existing and new member who sign up before 1 October 2017. The free data is a limited time promo that begins from 12 July until 31 December 2017.

You can keep track of your usage, manage your account and subscriber to add-ons using the webe selfcare app, or via the webe website.

Are you a webe user? Are you happy with the offer?

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  • Sohai Kuan

    Backed by Celcom huh? Like this then better don’t subscribe the plan. I have bad experience with Celcom’s services where even if 10GB of data was given free to me I can’t even use it properly due to the bad signal.

    • KEA

      did you ever make a report to their customer service>?
      i believe that something went wrong or could be your phone problem?
      i’m using xpax couple of year ady ,so far so good.

    • John91

      Is it Xpax have promo end year? Hahaha. I think i need to change my line from green plan to Xpax laaa.
      If any promo i will changed my line. Hahaha.

    • Selina Lim

      Yeah Xpax is having a promotion now where any purchase of internet plan would entitled the user to free 10GB of data for Instagram. The promotion started in November and stated to be available for a limited a time so you might want to get it fast if you are interested.

    • Appleuser

      Did you have any link? I need to see the promo. Is it worth it or not for me . huhu.

    • Jack Chung

      Sometimes I think really can’t be avoided. They are trying very hard already in providing top quality coverage across the country but some areas just can’t seem to have good receptions compared to the others.

  • Tahal khan

    Webe just new launch 1 year plus , still not much people know about it. should have to improve more on service. i’m still prefer telco which the stand with consumer.
    secondly, the meaning of hostspot data? abit confuse. is it a free roaming or any related to hotspot ?
    what i know for data is when the time we turn on the roaming and it will start to calculate.

    • KEA

      thats the point, nowadays business in market like to make confuse to consumers so that they easily to deal the things or service.
      for me, i don believe those newbie products or business, all i choose is those famous in market.
      celcom did a great job on xpax.

    • Selina Lim

      Maybe it means that the data can be shared? Not really sure about that tho. But on the other hand Xpax has a promotion that clearly states that any purchase of internet passes would entitled the users to free 10GB of data for Instagram, without any hidden terms and conditions.

  • Forever-Love Shawn

    Wondering how is the performance of TM lol
    anyone tried it and can share about ..?
    e.g how is the coverage? roaming speed?

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