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webemobile personal hotspot

It’s weird. On paper, webe, TM’s mobile business, should be a runaway winner. Why wouldn’t it be? A fuss-free, unlimited everything plan for a “sweet spot” MYR79 per month subscription, with the backing of Celcom’s wide coverage. However, there was a niggling dent in the arsenal – mobile tethering, or personal hotspot.

You see, while you enjoy limitless data, calls and text, you’re unable to share the connection with devices or people. Personal hotspot is an add-on, and a pricey one at that – MYR8 for two hours.

Understandably, this is a deal breaker for power users, or a certain percentage of users who often work on the go, and have no access to free Wi-Fi.

Webe responded several months ago, with a limited time offer of 1GB of free hotspot data per month, for three months.

A nice gesture, and a welcome move, albeit temporary.

webemobile personal hotspot

Well, here’s a piece of great news. webemobile (not webe broadband) is now offering 10GB of 4G LTE hotspot data to all new and existing webemobile customers, as well as SME customers. This is a monthly quota.

It does come with a caveat. As you know, web has its own 4G LTE network, but also has a RAN sharing agreement with Celcom. When a user is out of webe coverage, he can “roam” on the wide Celcom network.

When it comes to the personal hotspot though, the 10GB of free hotspot data is only applicable to webe’s own network. So, if you’re out of coverage, you’re out of luck.

All isn’t lost, however. You can purchase hotspot add-ons – MYR8.48 (incl. GST) for 500MB, MYR15.90 for 1GB, or MYR6.36 for unlimited usage for two hours.

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The 10GB hotspot data offer is available for existing and new member who sign up before 1 October 2017. The free data is a limited time promo that begins from 12 July until 31 December 2017.

You can keep track of your usage, manage your account and subscriber to add-ons using the webe selfcare app, or via the webe website.

Are you a webe user? Are you happy with the offer?


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