Gets Pimped Out on 8TV Quickie with Hosts Julie & Zher

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Souvenir shot for the road, right after my five minutes of fame in a live interview with awesome hosts Julie and Zher.

It isn’t my first time being interviewed, but it certainly was the first time being on live national TV. Just a couple of hours before, I was interviewed by funky, hot hosts Julie Woon and Zher Pinn on the 8TV Quickie. It was somewhat a tech-related slot and we chatted about my life as a tech blogger, the challenges and the perks.

Blogging isn’t all bells and whistles, as I explained, as it involves crazy long hours (18 hours and loving it!) of writing, taking and processing photos, shooting and editing videos, in addition to attending and covering events. The big challenge is always to be present, be on the ball, be up-to-date. Which is also why a consistent, reliable, fast broadband service is essential to keep me and the team ‘always on’. Without a dependable, fast connection with good coverage it would be nigh impossible to tweet or liveblog, update Facebook, upload images to Instagram on-the-fly.

The fact that we’ve got excellent peers and benchmarks like LowYat.NET and, whom are not only our friends but also people we consider frontrunners in the tech online media space, drives us to be better and continue to improve. I didn’t get to plug you lot, but know that you guys rock.

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The two fun hosts were super accommodating and professional, and I totally enjoyed my 5 minutes of fame. The charming Julie, of course, I’ve met numerous times; while the lovely Zher, I met for the first. Hats off to this dynamic duo for just doing what they’re doing. Just amazing stuff. They make it look so easy. I cannot fathom myself in their place, being super spontaneous and just uber cool on camera.

And to the 8TV crew whom you do not see on screen, you guys are amazeballs! Thanks for making it fun.

Thanks to all my friends and fans who watched me try to look as good as Julie and Zher on TV!

Special thanks to Ethan and Diane for making it happen 🙂

Watch the live interview below:

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  • iAwani

    Waa.. Termasuk ke webpage ni dari Google Malaysia.. Looks like i’m the new kid on the block.

    • Vernon Chan

      Thanks for popping by!

  • aman

    kenapa tonton bukan youtube? takde akaun. T.T

    • vernieman

      Tak tau diarong. Tak pasti kalo ade kat YouTube. 8TVQuickie ade channel ker?

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