U Mobile set to launch Roam-Onz for postpaid customers

U Mobile Roam-Onz
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Data roaming is a whole lot more affordable these days, and the best part is, there’s rarely any more “bill shocks” after your travels. U Mobile is set to add another “Onz” service to its arsenal tomorrow – Roam-Onz.

[UPDATE] Read this: U Mobile launches Hero Postpaid P78 with unlimited everything and Roam-Onz

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If you’re a U Mobile customer, you currently have several options to data roam when you travel, depending on which postpaid or prepaid plan you’re subscribed to.

As a prepaid customer or Postpaid that’s not a Hero P70, Hero P98, i90, i130, UD90 or UD130, you can roam with U Data Roam 10 or U Data Roam 36.

U Data Roam 10 gives you unlimited data roaming for just MYR10/day. It currently covers countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

For countries outside of the aforementioned, you can enjoy unlimited data roaming with U Data Roam 36 for MYR36/day.


Confirm sure, roam for free

But as you know, U Mobile also has something called Data Backpack, introduced in April last year. It’s a pretty awesome feature for postpaid customers (Hero P70, P98, i90, i130, UD90, UD130).

It’s awesome because you literally roam for free. You pay nothing when you roam, and you get to use your home data from your existing U Mobile plan.

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It works across 12 countries in Asia including Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

And if you’re caught out of quota overseas, you can even add more data with a Booster plan. It costs MYR10 for 1.5GB and is valid for three days.

So, wait, as mentioned U Mobile is set to unveil something new tomorrow.

U Mobile Roam-Onz

Something Onz is coming

How do I know? I received a text from U Mobile, as a subscriber, which states: “Roam-Onz offers FREE data roaming in 12 popular countries, effective 16 May. Look out for details in U Mobile website tomorrow. T&Cs apply.”

Also, the Data Backpack promotion expires on 15 May 2017. How convenient!

What might be Roam-Onz? It looks like it’s an updated “Data Backpack” promo, which is also rebranded to be consistent with its other “Onz” offerings.

Could it be that qualified subscribers will get special roaming data that doesn’t use up your existing home data? Possibility (and that would be awesome).

Stay tuned for details from the launch tomorrow.

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