U Mobile Hero Postpaid P78

As mentioned yesterday, U Mobile officially adds a new “Onz” service to its arsenal. This time it’s Roam-Onz, which supercedes the now-defunct Data Backpack roaming offer for its postpaid customers. Alongside the new add-on feature, U Mobile also introduces a new mid-level postpaid plan – Hero Postpaid P78.

From the get go, U Mobile’s Hero Postpaid plans have been class-leading, with innovative value-added features like Video-Onz, Music-Onz, App-Onz, Data Backpack and more.

With the new Hero P78 plan, the orange telco now has offerings across wider price points. It now has products in the MYR38, MYR48, MYR78, MYR98 per month price segments.

So, what does Hero P78 offer?

A lot, actually. Firstly, it will give you unlimited calls (“Call-Onz”) and text to all networks, as well as unlimited high-speed data. Yes, unlimited data. The generous goodies don’t end there.

Hero P78 also gives you 10GB of data for hotspot use, which is capped at 5Mbps. Video streaming is capped at 480p resolution (similar with Video-Onz).

U Mobile Hero Postpaid P78

I mentioned Roam-Onz earlier and in a previous post, so I’ll explain a little here.

It isn’t too different from the now-expired Data Backpack, where you enjoy free roaming in 12 countries, with the ability to use your home data overseas.

Roam-Onz continues where Data Backpack left off. You’ll still get free roaming in Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

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But here’s where it’s awesome. Roam-Onz gives you an additional 5GB of data just for roaming, so you don’t touch your home data.

By the way, Roam-Onz is also available for postpaid customers on Hero P70, Hero P98, i90, i130, UD90, U130, U Premium and U Platinum customers.

Roam-Onz is a limited time promo that is valid from now until 31 December 2017. The Unlimited Hero P78 plan is also a limited time promo, and is available starting today.

Initial thoughts

U Mobile continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a mobile telco plan.

The new Hero P78 is the unlimited everything plan that goes one-up on webe’s MYR79 per month plan. Thanks to much-welcome goodies like Roam-Onz and 10GB hotspot data, the new plan is a very compelling buy.

For more information, visit u.com.my/unlimited-hero.


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