U Mobile HERO Postpaid P70: Is this the best postpaid plan in town?

U Mobile HERO Postpaid
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Having a mobile phone these days isn’t just about calls and texting anymore. Consumers are simply consuming more and more data. Telcos have responded with more value-packed deals offering more data, more calls and text, for less. If there’s one telco that’s really upping the game is U Mobile. Its popular P70 plan has now been renamed HERO Postpaid P70 to reflect recent upgrades it has incorporated into the previous iteration.

The HERO Postpaid P70 plan now gets unlimited calls to all networks. High speed internet quota has been upped from 4.5GB to a whopping 7GB.

There’s no unlimited text, but you’ll enjoy 3sen/SMS to U Mobile numbers, and 8sen/SMS on other networks.

You’ll have the flexibility to share your internet quota with up to 2 other SIMs. As an additional perk, you’ll enjoy 50MB of free internet roaming every day on your travels. Depending on the country you’re roaming with, daily roaming charges of RM30/day is one of the lowest in the industry.

The extra internet quota is free when you sign up by 31 December 2015.

U Mobile also upgraded its U28 and P50 plans. The P50 now delivers 5GB (from 3GB) of data quota, free 50 minutes of voice calls to all networks per month and free 30 minutes of calls within the network daily. Unused talkative can be carried forward (2x the allocated minutes). You’lll also be able to share calls and internet quota with up to 3 SIMs.

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The U28 plan gives you 3GB of data (up from 1GB), 50 minutes of voice calls per month to all networks, free 100 SMS to U Mobile numbers and free 200 SMS to other networks.

The new quota and perks are a free and automatic upgrade for existing customers.

An aggressive move by the nimble telco.Will other telcos respond with even better value for consumers?

The HERO P70 Postpaid plan does look really good. Are you on U Mobile now and if not, will you port over for more data? Post your comments below.

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