U Mobile brings Free Internet Roaming in 8 countries to its prepaid customers

U Mobile Free Internet Roaming
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Free internet roaming? You’ve got to be joking right? Well, U Mobile isn’t. The young dynamic telco yet again pushes the value envelope with another first-of-its-kind product — free internet roaming for prepaid customers, in 8 different countries and regions.

Earlier in the year, U Mobile was the first telco in Malaysia to offer free internet roaming for its postpaid customers.

Let’s face it, data roaming is the most expensive service in your mobile subscription. How many of you have been shocked by data roaming charges and painful bills?

With the new Free Internet Roaming offer, U Mobile prepaid customers can surf mobile internet for free in eight countries — Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

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Based on industry data, the young savvy generation, U Mobile’s target audience, loves traveling (especially within Asia) and is active in social networks. Which makes connectivity and data roaming all the more important.

“U Mobile recognises the year-end as a condusive time for consumers to travel. 38% of leisure travelers and 57% of business travelers use their mobile devices to look up travel information or to stay connected with their loved ones or work. Looking at the rising consumer trend and demand for data usage, we believe our FREE internet roaming offerings, first available for postpaid users and now for prepaid users, will be a great value-added service to our customers and a strong proposition for U Mobile,” said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile Sdn. Bhd.

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The Free Internet Roaming offer is simple to obtain, just make a top up with a minimum amount of RM50 to enjoy 50MB complimentary data everyday for the next 30 days on your travels. When you’ve used up the data quota, you can enjoy the lowest internet roaming rates in Malaysia at RM30/day at all applicable countries and regions.

The great thing is that this all happens seamlessly without you having to configure or subscribing to any data package. When you’ve reached any of the eight countries, you’ll be automatically connected to U Mobile’s preferred roaming operator. Just ensure that you have enough credit balance to support the RM30/day charge if you exceed the 50MB complimentary data.

You may think that 50MB is paltry. However, 50MB is sufficient for you to chat on WhatsApp and WeChat, update your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram status.

Top up options below:

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Initial thoughts

This is a fantastic move by U Mobile and I commend the telco for delivering even more value to its customers. While completely free it isn’t in entirety, the complimentary 50MB data and the lowest internet roaming rate is highly attractive. I will most definitely be testing this out when I head to Singapore on Friday.

I’ll update on performance and my overall experience then.

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