Malaysian telco CEO makes evening news for purported drug possession


News broke out earlier that a CEO of a Malaysian telecommunications company was purportedly detained at the Dubai International Airport for drug possession. The CEO, in his 40s, was caught carrying an illegal substance in his luggage upon his arrival from Amsterdam on 18 September 2017.

[UPDATED] with statement from Malaysian IGP.

TV3, who broke the story, said the illegal substance was believed to be cocaine. He was held at the airport’s detention centre for two weeks for investigation before serving a sentence in prison.

There’s speculation that the aforementioned man is TuneTalk CEO Jason Lo. Lo however denied media reports that he was detained in Dubai for possession of drugs.

In a statement to, Lo said he was in Dubai when a friend of his tried to stop a fight. When his friend got hit, he jumped the other person who turned out to be an undercover cop. He was then thrown into lock up, while the undercover cop delayed his statement for weeks.

Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Fuzi Harun today told Bernama that Lo was indeed detained in Dubai, but not for the speculated drug offence, but for being involved in a fight. The Malaysian Police is now awaiting further information from Dubai, and are investigating the matter.

A Malay tabloid had earlier reported that the CEO has been missing from office for several months, and claimed he was arrested in the UAE on 18 September for possessing drugs in his luggage. He was later transferred to Al-Aweer central prison to carry out his sentence.

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He was later released and he flew back to Malaysia on Tuesday, quoted the tabloid.

The CEO is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow.


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