Tune Talk Bisa Pak is the best prepaid mobile service for Indonesians in Malaysia

Tune Talk Bisa Pak
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Tune Talk has rolled out a new product tailored for Indonesians working and living in Malaysia. Called Tune Talk Bisa Pak, it delivers data, the lowest call rate to Indonesia and other rewards.

The great thing about Tune Talk Bisa Pak is that the starter pack is free. You’ll have to be Indonesian, of course. The starter pack will give you 500MB data out of the box, 20 minutes of free calls to Indonesia; and 20 AirAsia BIG Points with every MYR10 reload.

Earn BIG

BIG points can be used to redeem AirAsia flight tickets. That’s not all, Tune Talk Bisa Pak users will also get insurance coverage of up to MYR100,000. Next, users can head to www.tunetalk.com/tuneindo, a site for all things Indonesian entertainment. This includes programs like Dangdut Ter-Hot, Lagu Indonesia Ter-hot and more.

IDD calls rates are the lowest amongst Malaysian telcos – 6 sen for 30 seconds.

Reloads cost MYR10 which gives users MYR6 of credit, 300MB of data, 20 minutes of calls and 30 Tune Talk BIG points. Minute validity is 10 days. There are other top up packages including up to MYR100 for 1.5GB data, MYR10 airtime, free 150 minutes of calls and up to 30 days validity.

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Tiket pesawat? Bisa pak!

The interesting thing about Tune Talk Bisa Pak is its rewards for loyalty. Reloads of MYR50 and MYR100 entitle you to free personal insurance of MYR100,000.

For 24 months of continuous top-up of MYR100, users can earn a free flight back to Indonesia. Also, a cumulative top-up of MYR1,000 in six month earns users a free smartphone.

Jason Lo, quirky CEO of Tune Talk said during the press launch, “At Tune Talk, we treat everyone as family and we understand the feeling of being far away from their loved ones, so now with Tune Talk Bisa Pak, Indonesians living here can finally connect with their support system back home in Indonesia at a very affordable price and also enjoy all the benefits that comes with it.”

Lo said that other things in plan include picking six top customers from Indonesia who want to live in Malaysia. These special customers will receive subsidized education, including for their kids back home, almost like a scholarship. It is unclear what the mechanics are for this, but it is an intriguing idea.

There’s also a collaboration with the favourite Indonesian drink ‘Teh Botol’ where users stand to earn lifetime supply of Teh Botol.

He briefly touched on Tune Talk 8G, its partnership with SWAG. If you remember, we met SWAG at MWC 2016 in February. The high speed mobile Wi-Fi service is set to go live in Q3 this year. Trials have been impressive, and I personally can’t wait for this groundbreaking service to be launched in Malaysia.

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Kartu paling jempol

It’s great to see a telco getting creative in an industry that’s so hell-bent on making short term gains. Tune Talk Bisa Pak is the only prepaid package that is specifically to meet demands of Indonesians in Malaysia. It’s a smart move that will touch the lives of 3 million Indonesians living here locally.

For more information on Tune Talk, visit the official website.


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