Digi targets students with affordable MYR38 plan with 3GB data

Digi Postpaid for Students
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Digi has fired another salvo, this time targeting students with an affordable MYR38/month postpaid plan. The new plan offers 3GB of data, 100 free call minutes and 100 free SMS across all networks.


According to Soyacincau, this offer is only available at Digi roadshows, and you’ll need a valid student card.

In printed flyers circulating at the roadshows, it states the MYR38/month isn’t a contract per se, so you can opt out at any time. Also, this is a promo rate that is valid for 12 months. I’m assuming it will revert to the original price of MYR48 when that ends.

Digi Postpaid for Students


Aside from 3GB data and call/text allocations, subscribers will also get free 60 days of iflix streaming, free 30GB of Capture cloud storage and unlimited music streaming via Digi Music Freedom.

The MYR38 plan looks a lot like Digi’s own ambassador plan. Digi’s ambassador plan also offers no commitment/monthly fee, free calls and SMS; and 3GB of data.

From the offset, this looks like a solid plan for students on a budget.

What do you think?

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  • Best Rider

    prepaid is the best , i never go for postpaid, RM 30 per month for prepaid is good already. data more/less for me is nothing coz i’m always using wifi haha.

    • SickJohn

      truth. but when you are out. all need to depends your telco package lol..
      our country is not like other have free wifi haha. choose the right telco for better life lol

  • farhanah nurul

    hmm..in living area, the line of telco D made me so disappointed because the line really too bad and not stable for using..so now i port up my number to the celcom xpax kaw kaw which the line more stable for using.

    • ong villy

      owkh.. i heard this plan before..but it has T&C on the ages of celcom user.
      if it open to all level of ages,it may attract more user to use it

    • SamLow88

      i tried.its no worth
      after few month the line was like turtle. u can imagine it? that is the first time i use and also is the last time. now celcom is better. at least improving.

  • Alex Tan

    is the student package still available ? so damn expensive with my current hotlink package now….

    • Tahal khan

      telco package everywhere… price also no much different, it actually depends how you choose your package.if you are still young with low income, then just look for prepaid;if you have good income ,i think postpaid is much better.

    • zarith

      any recommendation?i’m student.need low price plan..but dont want this yellow plan as their coverage is very slow at my area..it will be btter if u can sggest plan that give unlimired calls or sms too..hehehe

    • SickJohn

      if student, you can go for the celcom kawkawsquad.
      pretty nice prepaid for student or low income group.
      it giving 50 % free data add-on from age 12 – 25.

    • Alex Tan

      yeah i check this out . thanks crab man for the suggestion.
      quite a lot data for this with RM 30 , 5GB +50% free(2.5 GB)
      i will consider it soon hehe

    • Alex Tan

      no postpaid for me…i don think i need it as its monthly fees is high.
      prepaid just only RM30 – 50 per month .comfortable for me

  • kabo


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