Tune Talk 8G powered by SWAG will bring you fastest, most reliable mobile data

Tune Talk 8G and SWAG
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While the term ‘8G’ may be a tad misleading, it does give you a clue on the kind of speeds to expect from ‘Tune Talk 8G.’ Tune Talk, the largest MVNO in ASEAN,  has partnered technology company, SWAG to bring revolutionary super high speed connectivity to Malaysian consumers. We’re talking speeds of over 150Mbps. 

I met with the co-founders of SWAG at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 to find out what SWAG and Tune Talk 8G is all about. SWAG stands for ‘Super WiFi Anywhere You Go.’

Tune Talk 8G and SWAG
SWAG co-founders Rami Aladdin (CTO) and Raphael Mannadiar (CEO).

In a nutshell, SWAG’s patent-pending solution unifies multiple mobile spectrums to give you the best possible mobile data connectivity without requiring infrastructure upgrades. Every telco has its strong and weak coverage areas, so by combining multiple networks, you’ll always get the most optimum speed and reliability on your mobile connection.

‘Tune Talk 8G’ is a marketing term for Tune Talk’s white-labelling of the SWAG service, and it comes with a unique looking mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) modem, too. Internal testing has seen test speeds of up to 160Mbps; 66Mbps during high-usage peak congestion.

Tune Talk 8G and SWAG

While it isn’t purposed to replace a fibre network, TuneTalk 8G and SWAG will bring a new class of fastest, most reliable and ubiquitous mobile connectivity to consumers and enterprise users.

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There is no indication of price packages or data quota, but the service is expected to roll out in Q3 of 2016. According to Raphael Mannadiar, co-founder and CEO of SWAG, the solution has garnered much interest from telcos around the world. When asked about Malaysia, he was tight-lipped on revealing partners aside from Tune Talk.


We’ll know in Q3, I guess.

Photos and videos shot on Canon Powershot G3X.

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