Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Tokyo Motor Show 2017: What to expect

Yes, the biennial Tokyo Motor Show 2017 is coming soon, and we can’t wait to see what auto manufacturers have in store for us–be it in the form of concepts or even production cars. Either way, here’s a list of a few models that’s set to make their world debut at the upcoming motor show.

Whether you’re a technophile or petrolhead, the motor show is likely keep you fulfilled in terms of eye candy and ultimate geekery.

Honda Sports EV Concept

All-new Honda Sports EV Concept unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

If you remember the Honda Urban EV Concept that was unveiled back at the Frankfurt Motor Show just recently, you would have known that it was the surprise appearance from the brand. This is thanks to the quirky and retro-futuristic styling with the latest in-tech features.

The Sports EV Concept however features a sportier design, hence the name, and is flanked by a sloping roofline, a long bonnet and most likely two seats. Looking at the teaser pic above, its safe to say that Honda’s plan isn’t set purely on autonomous cars.

Honda Riding Assist-e

Of course, not every model on display at Tokyo would be on all four wheels. For bike lovers, Honda is slated to showcase their Riding Assist-e concept bike. Now, you might think that the word assist in the name suggests a fully autonomous two wheeler. Well, sorry to crush your dreams but Honda calls it a auto-balancing bike. This is designed to ease the rider’s stress in low-speed situations such as traffic jams and when the bike is stationary.

Mazda ‘design vision model’

If you remember the iconic RX-7 and RX-8, you’ll know that it came with a Wankel-powered rotary engine. This was a breakthrough for the brand when they released the engine for the two before mentioned models. But as of now, there is still no word as to when the new rotary engine will make it to production. Moving on, the teaser pic you see above reveals four doors and is said to be the next evolution of Mazda‘s Kodo design language. But it is said that the design is a precursor of a new RX model.

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Mazda ‘product concept model’

Another Mazda concept to be unveiled at Tokyo is called the ‘product concept model’. The concept as shown above is a five door hatchback. Mazda 3 anyone? But then again, the next generation Mazda 3 is expected to make its world debut in 2019. So this could be a promising lead as to what the new popular hatchback could look like.

The concept will be powered by the new Skyactiv-X engine. The said engine uses a high compression ignition at higher revs which is similar to the common diesel engines. Mazda has stated that the new engine will go into production soon and it will offer low-end torque and better fuel economy.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

Based on the teaser pic above, would you call the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept a flying saucer? This is due to its rounded body with a bubble top and unconventional nose. But whats under the skin sounds nothing more than the future.

The SUV concept is powered by three electric motors and has its own AI hardware. The said feature includes a sensory network which compiles road and traffic data and compares it against the driver’s input when driving. Also, the hardware enables a personalised driving AI and it can learn the occupants’ voices to serve their needs better. The cherry on top of all of this is a deployable drone, similar to the Audi Aicon.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility SUV Concept

Nissan may be wrangling with some issues at the moment, but that’s not stopping it from innovating. But hopefully, you can set that aside and bask in the presence of their upcoming SUV concept. No details regarding the powertrain has been released. But we can expect it to be fully electric and capable of autonomous driving. Looking at the pic above, it does have a strong resemblance to the Faraday Future FF91.

Nissan Leaf NISMO Concept

If all of the concepts above are too far-fetched for your liking, this may be a better alternative. The Nissan Leaf NISMO Concept is basically a visually modified version of the second generation Leaf EV. It features racier bodywork and a NISMO tuned suspension for better handling. Prior to this, Nissan has hinted that they would produce a sportier version to their pure-EV hatchback. Won’t be long until it goes into production.

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Subary Viziv Performance Concept

Subaru‘s entry for the Tokyo Motor Show will be called the Viziv Performance Concept. The concept as shown above is a sports sedan which most probably preview the next WRX. But some say it will be the company’s next Legacy. Details on the concept is still unknown but looking at the design, one can clearly see the muscular bodywork, ample air intakes and a large rear wing. Also, located on the top of the windscreen is likely the Subaru EyeSight safety system albeit in a upgraded version.

Toyota GR HV Concept

Before you jump for joy, this isn’t a Supra successor. The Toyota GR HV concept is a targa sports car concept which is based on the current 86 Coupe. So, other than the roof, what else is worth noting about this concept? Well, the pièce de résistance would be its transmission. It is an automatic transmission which is controlled via the centre-stack buttons, Aston Martin style. Not amazing enough? Well, there is a manual transmission as well. The manual is controlled via an H-gate similar to a stick shift, but without the clutch pedal.

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

If you feel that curvaceous and sleek cars are rather boring and redundant, then this could be the perfect alternative. The TJ Cruiser concept is a rectilinear SUV that combines a minivan’s sliding doors with the quirkiness of a boxy SUV. Although it may look super rugged, it is powered by a naturally aspirated 2.0L inline four cylinder engine with hybrid assist.

45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017

The much-anticipated motor show will happen from 27 October to 5 November 2017. Themed “Beyond the Motor,” the show will be held at 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo. For more info, visit

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