TM’s genius comeback leaves TIME Internet red-faced, while Maxis keeps mum

TIME Internet, on its Facebook page today dropped a cheeky welcome message to TM UniFi (EveryoneConnects). TM‘s brilliant comeback however, left TIME feeling rather burned.

After I shared the screenshot on my social channels, it quickly became the most popular, most commented  and shared post of the day.


TIME for a joke, and the joke’s on TIME

TIME’s initial message was clever, a fun poke at TM Unifi’s fibre broadband speeds. I assume it’s a deliberate response to TM UniFi’s new 100Mbps plans revealed yesterday.

TIME, last week, unveiled its unmatched 500Mbps home fibre broadband plans. While it is the current undisputed fibre internet speed champion, its small network footprint is no match for TM UniFi’s install base of 1.9 million ports.


Which makes TM’s response all the more amusing.

TIME didn’t just poke fun at TM, though. It also picked on Maxis. Based on speeds and subscription costs, Maxis is currently lagging in the game. I think it was wise for the green telco to stay on the sidelines. [cue cricket sound effects].

TM vs TIME vs Maxis

Fun pun goes wrong

The interweb (yours truly included) was of course highly entertained, as amused watchers took sides.

TIME, feeling the burn, sent an agitated, low-ball response. It claims TM took MYR1.4 billion of taxpayers’ money for the HSBB fibre rollout. Let’s not go there?

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In its latest (and probably final) response, TM graciously said that HSBB is for the nation, including all industry players.

OK then, fun’s over I guess. That was shortlived. /sad face

It’s TIME to get back to work, fellas.

Oh, Happy Friday!


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