TM’s 8 June FB Live session brings the internet to tears

TM Jangan Membawang

For what it’s worth, Telekom Malaysia didn’t lie. Nonetheless, it did bring tears to the eager audience that tuned in to watch the “peeling of the onion” streamed live on Facebook today. After a barrage of teaser posts plastered on the TM Group and unifi mobile Facebook pages over the course of several weeks, expectations were high. TM claimed the event to be “the first in Malaysia.”

The Facebook Live session was streamed live at 3PM on TM Group’s Facebook page. The session kicked off with a succession of (more) teasers before the ultimate unraveling. Only there wasn’t an unraveling per se. At least by viewers’ expectations.

And expected they did.

A new unifi plan. Cheaper broadband. Faster speeds. A new product. A new service.


I had speculated in a previous post, that TM may be introducing its rumoured “magic box” broadband service, first revealed in February this year. The broadband solution is pretty cutting-edge, utilising existing copper lines with one big advantage – it can be moved from one location to another.

That was a long shot of course, but if anything, I expected something, too. Perhaps we were all over-thinking and over-analysing. Perhaps life should be what it should be – simple.

Anyhow, what transpired can only be described as anti-climatic. Disappointing even. With a generous dash of “being trolled at a god-like level.”

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Let me tell you what the live streaming of the “peeling of the onion” was about.

Wait for it.




It was literally about peeling of onions. Lots of it. Told in the form of a Hari Raya ad, pretty nicely shot no doubt. It tells the story of a certain Mak Long Bawang but I’ll skip the details so you can watch it here (it’s called sharing is caring, folks):

Having sat through 20 minutes of the video, all I can say is that the comments were far more entertaining.

TM Jangan Membawang reactions

After all that’s been said, one might wonder what TM’s objectives were running this first-of-its-kind event. If it was to seek attention, they certainly got it. Whether it delivered a positive message though, I’m still unclear.

Sure, viewers may have brought it on to themselves for expecting too much from the “announcement.” And the media certainly played a part in setting those unrealistic expectations.

That said, maybe in convoluted way, TM has sent us a clear message about “Jangan Membawang.” And that, my friends, is a valuable life lesson.


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