Tim Cook trolls everyone with “accidental” tweet ahead of Apple launch

Apple iPhone Xs launch Tim Cook

Right before the big Apple launch in Cupertino, Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared to have tweeted a message in error. Twitterverse picked the message up instantly and it was retweeted and liked thousand times over. Only it wasn’t really an accident.

Cook’s message by the way, said, “No. Who can get it here quickly?” I mean surely that was a private tweet that was sent mistakenly right?

Tim Cook’s tweet which was later pulled.

Apparently not. And, what exactly is “it”?

Well, as it panned out, it was all part of the act as a run up to the keynote proper. As the intro music died down during the stream, the story started with an Apple employee rushing a top-secret briefcase to the new Steve Jobs Theater.

The Mission Impossible soundtrack gave it a secret agent-type vibe to the video.

After successfully getting through some obstacles, the agent finally delivers the briefcase to a stage hand who then passes it to Cook.

What’s inside the briefcase? Watch the video.

What do you think of the video? I have to admit, this is un-Apple as it gets. Nice to see Cook and the team having a bit of fun.

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