With the recent end of THQ’s auction of assets, Vigil Games, developers of the Darksiders series was left out. Ben Cureton, Lead Combat Designer at Vigil Games mentioned a unnamed title that would have blown your mind, sadly it will no see the light of day, at least, not under THQ or Vigil Games.

However, hope is not lost. Platinum Games have shown interest in former Vigil Games employees and its Darksiders IP. Could Platinum Games be their savior? While Vigil Games may disappear, the brains behind it may yet continue delivering new games. As Ben Cureton mentioned, the unnamed title, referred to as Project “Crawler” could see the light of day under Platinum Games.

This comes to light as Atsushi Inaba,  Executive director and producer at Platinum Games tweeted about an hour ago.


Translation: “Seriously “DARKSIDERS” in the auction sale of THQ Studio & IP remained unsold. Cheap … I want to buy …”

While this could be mistranslated easily – “I want to buy” is an obvious translation. He also seems to regard Vigil very highly, and seem to be surprised to see it unsold in his tweet. Regardless, this could be a new dawn for the staff at Vigil. As THQ falls, Vigil is lost, but hope still remains.

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Sources: Kotaku.com, dsogaming.com


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