Apple iPhone 6 is coming to U Mobile, register for interest on 9 March

U Mobile iPhone 6
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You may have noticed something different on U Mobile’s homepage this morning — the picture of the iPhone 6 and the teasing “Coming soon” plastered below. This is rather epic, and will mark the first time an Apple device will be made available outside of the ‘Big Three.’ For young U Mobile this is a major milestone, and for consumers… well, choice is always good.

As Apple as Apple does, there’s sworn secrecy to details. However, according to sources, it will be “the most affordable iPhone 6 yet.”

Looking at U Mobile’s current plans, and if a flagship device like the Note 4 is any indication, the iPhone 6 could be offered for as low as RM1,099 with the U Plus Plan which gives you 5GB data, 700 mins of talktime, 500SMS for RM138/month. Check out possible plans below:

U Mobile Device Plans
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U Mobile Plans
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U Mobile may also throw in a U Care Plus 8 device insurance plan subscription for free as part of bundled goodies. How’s that for piece of mind?

U Mobile also offers a trade-in program for selected phone models and tablets, with rebates of up to RM1,100 (depending on phone model and condition). This is a long shot for the iPhone 6, but hey, you may be surprised.

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Pure speculation at this date, but expect some surprises from U Mobile, which has the reputation of offering innovative plans and services.

U Mobile currently serves over 2 million customers, a number it hit on 12 December last year through its aggressive “Vision 2 Million” campaign.

For those looking to buy an iPhone 6 may want to keep your eyes peeled for updates. Oh, you can register for interest on 9 March at

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