The Power of Two: P1 to Combine WIMAX & LTE Technologies


P1 CEO Michael Lai
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Packet One Networks Malaysia Sdn Bhd or P1, South East Asia’s leading 4G and WIMAX provider, did a world’s first WIMAX-LTE live demonstration to members of the media at Thistle hotel, Port Dickson during a special P1 Media Retreat 2011 event.

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ZTE's Dr Han
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P1’s 4G network partner ZTE, demonstrated how painless transition from WIMAX to LTE was possible utilising the same platform via sofware. Both technologies were demonstrated on the 2.3Ghz spectrum. The live demo impressed with a peak of over 100Mbps the 20Mhz band.

Many questions were asked regarding the future of WIMAX, LTE and P1. In a nutshell, the transition will happen but commercial deployment is highly dependent on the availability of affordable and compatible devices for end users. WIMAX will co-exist with LTE on the same spectrum initially and once LTE is matured, full-blown LTE will be deployed. P1 is expected to do LTE trials at the end of this year and a commercial roll-out can be expected at end of 2013.

Since its launch in 2008, P1 now serves over 280,000 customers. P1 currently covers 45 per cent of the Malaysian population and aims to increase that to 65 per cent by end 2012.

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Press Release
For immediate release
Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.


PORT DICKSON, Tuesday, 5 April 2011- Packet One Networks Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“P1”), Malaysia’s first and leading 4G broadband provider, hosted the world’s first WIMAX-Long Term Evolution Time Division Duplex (LTE TDD) live demonstration to members of the media here today.

The demonstration by ZTE Corporation, P1’s 4G network partner as well as leading telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider showcased for the first time; WiMAX and LTE technologies supported on the same platform and the ease of transitioning from WiMAX to the LTE network. Both technologies were demonstrated on the 2.3GHz spectrum. On the peak downlink throughput in a cell, the demo reached an impressive 130Mbps on a 20MHz band.

“With the perpetual data tsunami that the world is gradually experiencing, we’re excited that our customers will in the near future be able to embrace it by leveraging on the power of WiMAX and LTE technologies,” P1 CEO Michael Lai said.

Lai added, “WiMAX has enabled P1 to be a 4G leader. Our next step is to be the first to harness the co-existence between WiMAX and LTE so that we can offer our customers the best of both worlds. P1’s 4G journey over the last two and a half years is a valuable asset to the 4G technology evolution roadmap. Ultimately, our customers’ best interest is at the top of our minds. We simply want the best for them (customers). P1’s next step is combining the power of WiMAX and LTE that will further enrich lives by providing truly mobile and personal internet.”

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Explaining the timeframe for WiMAX and LTE going live in Malaysia, Lai said various factors have to be assessed to determine a roll out date, including the readiness of the LTE eco-system including end-user devices. “Without compatible and affordable devices, consumers will not be able to fully leverage on the power a LTE network.”

P1 pioneered 4G in Malaysia since 2008 and has been providing instant, fast and value for money wireless broadband to customers for the past two and a half years. Its brand proposition is the best value wireless option for a rich media experience. Lai said P1’s customers download an average of 10GB per month and the bulk of that is video and music downloads.


P1 currently covers 45 per cent of the Malaysian population and aims to increase that to 65 per cent by end 2012.




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