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Take your workouts to elite level with Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra’s most technically-advanced true wireless sports earbuds yet—Jabra Elite Sport, is ready to take your workouts to “elite” level. The Elite Sport is the first in the new Elite franchise of next generation wireless headphones. The Elite Sport delivers ultimate freedom of movement, ground-breaking in-ear fitness analysis and of course, a great audio experience. Continue Reading

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Best headphones under MYR400

By default, Malaysians are handicapped when it comes to high quality headphones and audio gear. We have a paltry easily-available selection, and we are grossly overcharged for products that do not reach our shores via official channels. This makes owning medium to high-end gear ridiculously expensive, forcing us to be on the lookout for affordable yet uncompromising options. To simplify your life, we have cooked up a list of headphones under MYR400 that are worth buying. Please note that not all of these headphones are easily available locally. However, one only needs to use the power of the internet to find local distributors. Continue Reading

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Closed vs Open: The headphone debate

We are all no strangers to the term audiophile. People tend to throw the term around frivolously these days. However, I think it is fair to say that pretty much everyone enjoys music, and more specifically, listening to music. People have their tendencies and preferences, be it earphones/IEMs, speakers, or headphones. Looking into all of it would require at least a three thousand word article, so let us stick to headphones this time around.

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